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Dhodho Chatni for Alifbe of Sindhi food#22

The 22nd letter of the AlifBe series is ڍ in Arabic Sindhi, ढ in Devanagari and in Roman Sindhi it is Dh as in Dhaka/ or Dhokla. And the corresponding Sindhi dish is Dhodho Chatni or chutney served with patted jowar roti, a revered Prasad at the Sadhu Bella Ashram in Mumbai. For the recipe kindly click on the following link:

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Dabal Pakora or Pakora pao/Pakora Sandwich for Alifbe #21

Alifbe of Sindhi Food, the series about A-Z of Sindhi food is now at the 21st letter; ڊ or D in Roman Sindhi and ड in Devanagari ! D as in Daddy, Dairy, Daily etc! And I couldn't help but pick one of the most popular Sindhi street foods, the Dab^al Pakor^a (In Roman Sindhi) or Dabal Pakora (Pakora pao/sandwich) for ڊ ! For the recipe of Sanna Pakora please check the following link: And for Laadi Pao, you can check the recipe here:

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Dothiyun for AlifBe #20

The 20th letter (consonant) is ڏ in Arabic Sindhi, ड in Devanagari and D^ in Roman Sindhi. And the corresponding dish is Dothiyun or Saata/Saatta, fried cookies coated with thick sugar glaze and garnished with nuts and dried rose petals For the recipe kindly click on the following link:

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Dhaage Waara Karela for AlifBe of Sindhi food #19

The 19th letter of the AlifBe series is ڌ  in Arabic Sindhi, Dh~ in Roman and ध in Devanagari. Some words starting with this letter are Dharma, Dharamshala, Dholavira etc. And the corresponding dish is Dh~aag^e waara Karela (Dhaage waale Karele) or stuffed bitter gourds! For the recipe kindly check the blog post on!

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AlifBe of Sindhi food~ 18

We have arrived at the 4th shape group in Sindhi Script with the the 18th  letter  and it is د  or 'D~' as in Daawat or as in Dehradun, in Roman Sindhi while द in Devanagari. And the Sindhi dish starting with D~ is Dal Dimma, a mix of whole mung, chana dal and mung dal, popularly sold as Dal mung, as a Sindhi street food. For the recipe of Dal Dimma, please check my blog post. Do share your views about the AlifBe series, and let me know how can I make these better and more helpful/interesting. Do share your choice of Sindhi dishes for each alphabet. It will be fun knowing all the possible dishes starting with each letter.

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Dal Dimma, Sindhi Street Food

Assembling of Dal Dimma! Dal Dimma or Dal Mung is a popular Sindhi street food. Whole mung, chana dal and mung dal are slow cooked, separately and assembled while serving. In Mumbai the best places to relish Dal mung are in Ulhasnagar and Chembur. But if you need to make this healthy breakfast, just check the recipe on my blog! I have used Abana Brand Dal Pakwan Masala, Garam masala and Amchoor powder in this recipe. Abana is the first ever brand to curate unique Sindhi Spice mixes like Dal (of Dal Pakwan) masala, Sindhi Tuk Masala, Sindhi Kadhi masala, Sindhi Sanna Pakora Masala etc. You can order Abana's Box of Nostalgia, a mix of 14 Spices and spice blend at an introductory offer of just 499 INR. Here is the link for the same:

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Khhoraak or Khorak for AlifBe # 17

The 17th letter in Alif Be of Sindhi food is خ which is ख़ in Devanagari (Kindly note the Nukta or the dot) and 'Khh' in Roman Sindhi. Many a times people are unable to differentiate between ख़ (with a dot) and ख (without a dot) and hence use the latter one inappropriately. The Sindhi dish starting with this letter is Khhoraak, a winter sweet! To check the recipe of Khorak please click here:

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Chhola Dab^al or Chole bread for AlifBe of Sindhi Food#16

The 16th  letter of Sindhi Alphabet, the AlifBe is ڇ or 'Chh' as in Chhattisgarh, in Roman Sindhi while छ in Devanagari. And the Sindhi dish starting with ڇ  is Chhola Dab^al (Chola Dabhal) ! It is a popular street food in Sindhi populated areas like Ulhasnagar. Chickpeas curry topped over laadi pao chunks and garnished with chutney, onion slices and sev makes it a delicious breakfast. For a detailed recipe please check this blogpost:

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Cheti Chand Ji Sesa for AlifBe # 15

And for 15th letter of Sindhi AlifBe i.e چ , 'Ch' in Roman Sindhi and च  in Devanagari I have picked (but obviously) 'Cheti Chand Ji Sesa' i.e Prasad offered and distributed on Cheti chand To know more about the festival, the legend and festive food please check the following link:

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J^anj~a Ji Roti for AlifBe #14

The 14th letter/consonant in AlifBe series (A-Z of Sindhi Food) is ڃ in Arabic Sindhi, J~ in Roman Sindhi and ञ in Devanagari. AlifBe series is a way of bridging the gap between Sindhi language and Sindhi food by sharing a Sindhi dish starting with a letter from Sindhi Alphabet, the AlifBe and these short videos are to explain how Sindhi alphabets are written and to help you understand it better a Roman Sindhi and Devanagri counterpart of each alphabet is given. To know more about the marriage feast that was served traditionally, please check the following blog post:

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