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Kumar Ghanshani Sindhi JOKES

Malhi Cultural Academy program on birth anniversary of Sada Hayat Dada Gobind Malhi in August 2002 at St. Andrews Auditorium Bandra


Chander Savnani Documentary

This Documentry is on the *Real Sindhi* warrior who has played all characters possible in the line... *Artist, Director,Producer,Organiser* and is connected with *Akhal Bhartiya Sindhi boli ain sahitya Sabha*... We are very happy to release the documentry on his *Birthday* *Jai Jhulelal Jiye Sindhyat*


Sushi Ahuja Sindhi Kalam RANJHAN AAYO

Murk Publication Program on 2 nd June 1999 at National College at Bandra


Parmanand Pyasi Sindhi Song on Bhagat Kanwar Ram PAKHIARA VAJ UDAMI

Malhi Cultural Academy Program on 3 rd August 2001 at St, ANdrews Auditorium Bandra


Jyoti Pishu Bharwani Sindhi Bhajan SAJAN TUHINJI BANHARI

Murk Publication Program on 2nd June 1999 in National College, Bandra


Satram Rohra Sindhi Song ADA BAN MASTA MAST MALANG

Murk Publication Program on 5 th May 2000 at St. Andrews Auditorium.


Jaswant Kumar Documentry

Presenting a documentary on the real time Harfanmaulla of Sindhi Stage Sadahayat Shri Jaswant Kumar.... A Director, writer, actor and an expert in technicalities.... through lights which gave soul to the Dramas.... This is a small attempt in Showcasing his contribution to Sindhi stage.


Lakhmechand Sindhi Kalam NALE ALAKH JE

Murk Publication Program in memory of Pushpa Malhi on 2nd June 1999 at National College Bandra


Jethalal Chugria and Bhagwanti Navani Sindhi Song Sindhi Abani Boli

Kalakar Mandal Program in 1986 at Khandwa


Sindhi Radio Broadcast 24 hours,
24 hour Sindhi broadcast
With variety of 7 stations

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