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Hede Hede Hede ta Nihar - ABANA 1958

Hede Hede Hede Ta Nihar Song from Abana Sindhi Movie released in 1958. Bulo C. Rani, Aasan Mirani.


Sangeet Sindh Jo, Geet Kaajal Ja - Kaajal Chandiramani

The Sindhi Youth of Mumbai Presents "Sangeet Sindh Jo, Geet Kaajal Ja" a Musical Programme by 'Sindhi Diva' Kaajal Chandiramani on wednesday, 15th August, 2012 at 6:30pm onwards at National College Auditorium, Linking Road, Bandra (W), Mumbai - 400 050.

Keywords:Sindhi Youth of Mumbai,Kaajal Chandiramani,Renuka Tekwani,Roshni Tekwani,Drshika Advani,Bihari Shahri,National College,Sindhi,Musical

Cheti Chand 5-Ulhasnagar-421004-Section 27

Cheti Chand 5-Ulhasnagar-421004-Section 27

Keywords:Sindhi,Jhulelal,Cheti Chand,Sindhunagar,Ulhasnagar

Cheti Chand 4-Ulhasnagar-421004-Section 27

Cheti Chand 4-Ulhasnagar-421004-Section 27

Keywords:Sindhi,Cheti Chand,Jhulelal,Ulhasnagar,Sindhunagar

Cheti Chand 3 -Ulhasnagar-Section 27

Cheti Chand 3-Ulhasnagar-Section 27

Keywords:Cheti Chand,Sindhi,Ulhasnagar,Jhulelal,God Jhulelal,Palav,Chej,Prasad

Cheti Chand 2- Ulhasnagar 421004-Section 27

Cheti Chand - Ulhasnagar 421004-Section 27

Keywords:Cheti Chand,Ulhasnagar,421004,Sindhunagar,Sindhi

Cheti Chand-1 Ulhasnagar 421004-Sec 27

Cheti Chand Program Video 1 - Ulhasnagar 421004 - Sec 27

Keywords:Cheti Chand,Ulhasnagar,Sindhunagar,Sindhi,Jhulelal,Daance

Smt. Roshni Chandiramani at Cheti Chand 2012 Program

Smt. Roshni Chandiramani performed at Cheti Chand Program by Thane Sindhi Club.


Smt. Rukmani R. Jhurani at Cheti Chand 2012

Smt. Rukmani R. Jhurani is one of the members of Thane Sindhi Club who brought smiles and laughters on faces of Sindhi People during Cheti Chand 2012 Program.


Sindhi Movie: Halyo Aa Putt Actor Thiyan

An unplanned interview with Producer of the movie, "Halyo Aa Putt Actor Thiyan", Bihari Kandhari and Writer P.B. Chand. Gopal T. Raghani Film Music by Saral Roshan

Keywords:Bihari,Kandhari,P.B.,Chand,Saral,Roshan,Gopal,T.,Raghani,Sindhi Language

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