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Oversmart Wife | Sindhi Comedy | Ho Jamaalo | Sunil & Roshni Hotwani

Short Sindhi Joke - Oversmart Wife by Sunil Hotwani & Roshni Hotwani from Ho Jamaalo

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Bargaining Skills | Sindhi Comedy | Ho Jamaalo | Sunil & Roshni Hotwani

Don't MIss the End - Ladies while shopping are Pro at Bargaining. Watch this Sindhi Comedy by Team Ho Jamaalo Sunil Hotwani & Roshni Hotwani

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TV ya BIWI | Sindhi Comedy | Sunil & Roshni Hotwani | Ho Jamaalo

Wife Demands of 50" Inch TV how can husband say NO - Watch Sindhi Comedy by Sunil & Roshni Hotwani (Ho Jamaalo).

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RAT KILLER | Sindhi Comedy | Ho Jamaalo

Funny Sindhi Comedy Video by Team Ho Jamaalo - Sunil Hotwani & Roshni Hotwani

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SSB - Live 626 | Sindhi Comedy | Sunil & Roshni Hotwani | Ho Jamaalo

Honoured to celebrate Padmashri Dada Ram Panjwani's 110th Birthday at SITA SINDHU BHAVAN - Aahey Sajan Muhinjo Aahe Date: 20th Nov 2020 | Live 626

Keywords:Sita Sindhu Bhavan,SSB,Live 626,Comedy Skit by Sunil & Roshni,Ho Jamaalo,Aahey Sajan Muhinjo,Dada Ram Panjwani,Sindhi Comedy,Sindhi Couple,Comedy Couple,Star Couple,Roshni Hotwani,Sunil Hotwani,Shefali Nadkar,Team Ho Jamaalo

Diwali Loan | Sindhi Comedy Video | Ho Jamaalo

Sindhi Short Comedy Video by Sunil & Roshni Hotwani from Ho Jamaalo What happens when wife list endless demands with Husband. It surely will make you laugh and entertain.

Keywords:Diwali Loan,Sindhi Comedy,Sindhi Couple,Couple Comedy,Ho Jamaalo,Roshnilfam,Sindhi Sadain Shahukar,Radio Sindhi,Diyari je lai loan

Childeren's Day Special | Sindhi Comedy | Ho Jamaalo

A mst watch Sindhi Comedy Skit from Team Ho Jamaalo

Keywords:Childrens Day,Roshni,Sjefali,Roshnilfam,Ho Jamaalo,Mohan Puran,Sindhi Comedy

Diwali in Corona | Sindhi Comedy | Ho Jamaalo | Happy Diwali

A lot has changed after Corona.. watch the funny video of Corona effect on Diwali Celebration. DIWALI IN CORONA (Corona wari Diyaari) Sindhi Comedy Video is Presented by Team Ho Jamaalo

Keywords:Diwali in Corona,Corona wari Diyaari,Diwali Wishes,Team Ho Jamaalo,Ho Jamaalo,Roshni Hotwani,Sunil Hotwani,Shefali Nadkar,Sindhi Comedy,Galaxy Dry Fruit,Dry Fruit Diwali,Star Couple,Roshnilfam,Comedy Couple

Pagaar Vadhayao | Sindhi Comedy | Ho Jamaalo

Every employee hope for Appraisal & Bonus on Diwali. Watch funny Sindhi Comedy Video presented by Ho Jamaalo

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Automatic TV | Sindhi Comedy | Ho Jamaalo

Sindhi Comedy - Check out Features of this Automatic TV, Ho Jamaalo presents another Comedy short video.

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