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HO JAMAALO | SINDHI SAUGAT - Grand Event | FB Sindhi Show

Priviledged to be part of this Grand show - Sindhi Saugat (Kavi Master Ranjhan's 100th Birthday Special) being presented by Roshni Kamal Foundation. We presented the Comedy Skit of Husabnd Wife Tele conversation. Enjoy the Act SUBSCRIBE - HO JAMAALO for more Sindhi Comedy Videos

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SINDHI GANPATI SLOGANS | Ho Jamaalo | Roshni Hotwani

These Ganpati Slogans are being loved by everyone and chanted in every home during this Ganesh Utsav Patato Huje Ya Bhindi Ganpati Asaanjo Sindhi... Thaliye Mein Katoro Ganpati Asaanjo Sadoro... Pista, Badam, Khaja Ganpati Aasanjo Raja... Katore Mein Seero Ganpati Asaanjo Hiro... Malpuro Huje Ya Lolo Ganpati Asaanjo Bholo... Phulko - Koki - Puri Ganpati Kare Murad Poori

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Honeymoon Hangover | Ho Jamaalo | Sindhi Comedy

Sindhi Short Video by Sunil & Roshni Hotwani

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DIWALI Party ???????????? | Sindhi Comedy | Sunil & Roshni Hotwani | Ho Jamaalo #Shorts

Sindhi Comedy Video by Sunil & Roshni Hotwani (Ho Jamaalo) ❤ #DiwaliFatake #Fatakdi #DiwaliFun #diwalimessage #Diwali2021 #diwalispecial #diwaligifting #GoVocalForLocal #sindhifunny #husbandwifecomedy #couplecomedy #sindhicouple #sindhistarcouple #trending #instareels #reelsvideo #reelsinstagram #indiareels #roshnilfam #foryoupage #hojamaalo #hojamaaloofficial

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Aayo Chaliyo Jhulelal Sai Jo | Ho Jamaalo | Sindhi Video

Sindhi's most auspicious days are 40 day festival of Jhulelal Sai. This year due to Corona All the devotees are requested to perform all the rituals from their home and watch the Aarti & Bhajans Live from Temples.

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Sindhi Special Dishes Part - 2 | Ho Jamaalo | Roshni Hotwani

Thank you for your love to Sindhi Dishes, Here in Sindhi Special Dishes Part - 2 we bring some more lip smacking traditional sindhi dishes for you. Hope you like the compilation

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Happy Halloween 2021 | Sindhi Comedy Video | Sunil & Roshni | Ho Jamaalo #shorts

Happy Halloween 2021 - Sindhi Comedy Video by Sunil & Roshni Hotwani from Team Ho Jamaalo

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Online Kitty | Ho Jamaalo | Sindhi Comedy - Sunil & Roshni

Sindhi Comedy - Husbands are happy because Kitty Party of ladies are being cancelled because of Corona, watch the befit reply of Wife, watch the video and enjoy. Ho Jamaalo | Online Kitty Featuring the star comedy couple Sunil Hotwani Roshni Hotwani

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Diwali Shopping 2021 | Diwali Message | Ho Jamaalo | Sunil & Roshni Hotwani

The festival of lights begins with loads of shopping for both family and friends, Whether you purchase from a swanky foreign brand or a local store, it doesn’t matter as long as you get the best quality with a top-notch finish. But it matters to the community and nation’s economy, foremostly, to our small and marginal workers. Small businesses always strive to showcase their brand’s individuality in their offerings by amalgamating flavors of our rich heritage. “Supporting small businesses means saluting business owners for the continuous effort they have been putting in to bring out our hidden traditions.” WISH YOU ALL A VERY HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS DIWALI

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