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Sindhi Rangmanch Jo Ker Broadcast

The Time Has Come To Hit The Bulls Eye, Watch it till End. Through This Video We Just Intend to Promote SINDHI DRAMA/RANGMANCH which is the only mode to keep alive our RICH LITERATURE. Also We Need Kind Attention of Sindhi Academies and Other Organisations, So That They Do More And More Shows And Support Passionate and Talented Artists. Jai Jhulelal Jiye Sindhyat.


Sindhi Rangmanch Jo Ker Promo

Sindhi Rangkarmi ji kahani, Kalakaranji Zubani. Sindhu Sakha Sangam team makes an attempt to revive Sindhi Rangmanch and make people aware the importance of performing arts to save SINDHYAT, Also intends to highlight artists concerns to the stack-holders who are popularly known as the saviors of the community. JAI JHULELAL JEEYE SINDHYAT


Sindhi Drama Workshop 2018

Sindhu Youth Circle & Sindhu Sakha Sangam Started SINDHI DRAMA WORKHOP on Every Sunday from 5PM To & 7PM. For More Details Follow & Inbox Sindhu Sakha Sangam Facebook Page


Dada Shivo Ramnani Documentary

Tribute to Shri Shivo Ramnani the real Harfan Maula of Sindhi Community. A Great Novelist, Qualified Teacher, Versatile Singer, Creative Actor & Director.......He was not recognized for his services however he contributed alot to the society..........See the glimpse in the documentary and share it with all Sindhis of the world that will be the perfect shradhanjali to him.


Jhule Jhule Jhulan Performance By Sindhu Sakha Sangam

Sindhu Sakha Sangam's Special Performance On Jhule Jhule Jhulan Muhinjo Jhule Sung By Manjushree Assundani on the Occassion Of Maharashtra Rajya Satiya Sindhi Acadamey Award Function On 28th March 2018 @ Andrews Auditorium Bandra Mumbai.


Sindhi Melo



Dharam Parivartan Skit By Sindhu Sakha Sangam

This is a skit we the SINDHU SAKHA SANGAM presented on how the kids n families of our community are drifting away from our their religion for the sake of MONEY and JOB... Lets come together n make the REALISE the VALUES & RICHNESS of our SANATAN HINDU DHARAM & SINDHI CULTURE... Share this video make people understand our PRIVILEGED CULTURE... JAI JHULELAL JIYE SINDHYAT


Sindhis Converting To Christianity

This is Our Little Effort To Bring Back SINDHI YOUTH/FAMILIES Drifting Away From Its Culture & Converting Themselves To Another Culture Just For The Sake Of MONEY/JOB etc... In The Following Documentary We Have Tried To Show Our Rich & Ancient Culture. So Sit Back & Enjoy The Ride. Don't Forget To Share & Subscribe Jai Jhulelal Jiye Sindhyat


Bhagat Performance By Sindhu Sakha Sangam

'Surhaan Sindh aen Hind Jee' Bhagat Performance by Sindhu Sakha Sangam on Sindhi Boli Day 10th April 2018 @ Sapna theater Ulhasnagar 3


Sindhi Boli Day 2018 Ulhasnagar Promo 2

*Surhaan Sind ain Hind Jee 10th April 2018 On Sindhi Boli Day At Sapna Theater Ulhasnagar @ 11am-2pm*


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