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Thab^ak Vadiyun For AlifBe of Sindhi Food ~ 9

AlifBe of Sindhi food is a series of videos where one can learn the Perso Arabic script used for Sindhi language! The video includes a consonant, its formation process, how it is represented in Devanagari and Roman Sindhi and a Sindhi Dish corresponding to that alphabet! The 9th Consonant of Sindhi Alphabet, the AlifBe, and it is ٺ  i.e 'Th' as in Thakur (ठाकुर) Thug (ठग)  or as in Thikana (ठिकाना) , ठ  in Hindi/Devanagari! Do Like, share and subscribe the channel if you find it to be useful! Check the website link for the recipe of Thab^ak Vadiyun and to know about Thathai Bhatia community!

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Tosha For AlifBE of Sindhi Food~6

AlifBe of Sindhi Food series is like A-Z series but here we follow the Arabic Sindhi Alphabet. The 6th Alphabet of AlifBe is ت or T~ as in Taiwan and the dish starting with T~ is Tosha! Tosha are the fried dough sweets coated with crystallized sugar! To know why this sweet is name Tosha or to know how Tosha are made, do check the blog post! Here is the link:

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Bheendi Khatti For AlifBe Of Sindhi Food~5

Bheendi Khatti is a pickle made from grated raw mangoes, mixed with pickling spices and small portions are tied in a potli of muslin cloth. To know why mango pickle is called Bheendi Khatti, check the blog post on the website!


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