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Lor^h (Lotus Corms)|لوڙهہ| Superfood

Lor^h are the corms of Lotus or maybe the water lily plant. Sindhi dictionary mentions it as a root tuber of water lily. These are often found on the carts along with Lotus stem and Pabhodi (Pabhun) i.e Lotus pods around Navratri and the season lasts for barely a few weeks. Sindhis relish these exotic corms, a superfood, with some green chutney on the side. You can also add these in vegetable curries as a substitute of potatoes. For the text recipe, click here: #SindhiLorh #lotus #HealthySnacks Join me at Instagram @Facebook : SindhiRasoi For all the vegetarian and Vegan Sindhi recipes kindly check my website: #lotus #sindhirecipes #healthy recipes

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Gyarsi (Ekadashi) Bhaji and Dhodho|SIndhi Ekadashi food|Kamalkakdi aur Alu ki bhaji|Bagar ki Roti|

Sindhi Gyarsi Bhaji is Ekadashi special curry made with Beeh (Lotus stem/Kamalkakdi). It is a tangy and delicious curry, often had with patted Samo roti (Bagar ke atte ki roti) called Sauri Jo dhodho in Sindhi. Watch the video to know how the Sindhi Gyarsi special meal is made. Don't forget to subscribe to my channel! For the text recipe of Gyarsi bhaji (Khatta Beeh Alu or Kamalkakdi alu ki subzi), click here: Join me at Instagram @Facebook : SindhiRasoi For all the vegetarian and Vegan Sindhi recipes kindly check my website: #sindhigyarsi #ekadashifood #kamalkakdi

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J^anj~a Ji Roti for AlifBe #14

The 14th letter/consonant in AlifBe series (A-Z of Sindhi Food) is ڃ in Arabic Sindhi, J~ in Roman Sindhi and ञ in Devanagari. AlifBe series is a way of bridging the gap between Sindhi language and Sindhi food by sharing a Sindhi dish starting with a letter from Sindhi Alphabet, the AlifBe and these short videos are to explain how Sindhi alphabets are written and to help you understand it better a Roman Sindhi and Devanagri counterpart of each alphabet is given. To know more about the marriage feast that was served traditionally, please check the following blog post:

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