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Mahesh Chander Master Ranjhan Sindhu Bhavan Part 3

" Master Ranjhan Sindhu Bhavan" Ulhasnagar 421003


SUKHMANI SAHIB for Covid Patients

On Eve of Ashtami ,20th April 2021. Master Ranjhan Sindhu Bhavan organised a Zoom "MRSB Sukhmani Sahib for Covid Patients" the Sukhmani Sahib Ashtapati Chant was so pure and was dedicated to Covid infected Families.Sukhmani path was Chanted by many ladies from Mumbai, Pune, Ulhasnagar, Bangalore, Ajmir and verius parts of India. The Programme Coverage by MRSB Student Miesha Chandwani.

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Mahesh Chander Master Ranjhan Sindhu Bhavan Part 4

" Master Ranjhan Sindhu Bhavan " Ulhasnagar 421003


Cheti Chand Dhamaka 2021 Asaanja Karij Karan Jhulelal Ayo Aa

Cheti Chand Dhamaka 2021 Asaanja Karij Karan Jhulelal Ayo Aa by Singer Ajay and Mukesh. Master Ranjhan Sindhu Bhavan Present Cheti Chand Dhamaka SPL show " Asaanja Karij Karan Jhulelal Ayo Aa" Programme title based on one of the Popular Song Pened by Sufi Kavi Master Ranjhan Sahib ji. in this Programme Singer Ajay and Mukesh has sing very beautiful Sindhi kalams . Jhulelal Panjda, Palav, Mata KY orane, Romantic kalams, dance numbers etc. programme was conducted at Master Ranjhan Sindhu Bhavan Facebook page .

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Life Time Achievement award to Legend Shree Mohandas Ranjhan Valecha ji From SINDHU YOUTH CIRCLE ULHASNAGAR for his life time contribution for Promotion of Sindhi Language. Shree Mohandas Valecha ji have kept alive the legecy of his father The world famous Sindhi Poet, Singer and Music Composer. Shree Mohandas Valecha ji have also Published Sindhi Poetry Books Pened by Sufi Kavi Master Ranjhan Sahib ji.he have published Many Sindhi Music Video CDS and A documenty film on Sufi Kavi Master Ranjhan Sahib ji. In 2015 he have alone Stablished a Community Hall named MASTER RANJHAN SINDHU BHAWAN where many Sindhi Cultural Activities are performed. Master Ranjhan Sindhu Bhavan is The City's Pride now where all Sindhi's meet and enjoy Sindhi programmes and Sindhi festivals.

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Jainh mein disa tu Sai tuhinjo Nazaro aahy I Sangeeta Sukhwani

Jain me disa tho Sai Singer : Sangeeta Sukhwani Lyrics: Kavi Ranjhan Video : Jaggu movies

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شهاڻي شخصيت شري موهنداس رانجهن وليچا Mohandas Ranjhan Valecha

Celebration of 75th Birthday of Legendry Shree Mohandas Ranjhan Valecha ji Sangeeta Sukhwani, Share about the Hard work of Shree Mohandas Valecha ji and his Love and Contribution for Sindhi Mother Toung.

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منهنجي من ۾ رانجهن MASTER RANJHAN Muhinje Man Me Ranjhan

Muhinje Man Me Ranjhan Singer: Gurmukh Chugria Lyrics: Gurmukh Chugria Venue: Master Ranjhan Sindhu Bhavan Video: Classic Video on occasion of 75th Birthday Celebrations of Legendry Shree Mohandas Ranjhan Valecha ji.

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Sai Rochaldas Sahib ji

Sai Rochaldas Sahib ji Muhinja Sai Rochal Shah Tuhinji Mahima Apram paar Aa.

Keywords:Sai Rochaldas Sahib,Dr Rochaldas,Ranjhan,Sangeeta Sukhwani,Sindhu Bhavan,MRSB,Kavi Ranjhan

Sheer Chamkayee - Sai Kanwar Ram Sahib.

Sheer Chamkaye viyo Kanwar ram potato Singer: Gurmukh Chugria Video: Classic Video Venue: Master Ranjhan Sindhu Bhavan 75th Birthday Celebrations of living legend Shree Mohandas Valecha ji


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