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Chaliha Sahib Temple Bhajan

Chaliha Sahib Temple Bhajan- jai jai jhulelal, Sindhi


Chaliha Sahib Team at haridwar

Chaliha Sahib Team at Haridwar on Bhararana Sahib

Keywords:Chaliha Sahib,Jhulelal,Sindhi

Introduction Video of USA Jansandesh News Channel

Introductory Video of USA Jansandesh News Channel. Jansandesh News channel is being promoted by USA Cable TV and Classic Video of Ulhasnagar Sindhunagar. More details at


Aastha-Swami Dev Prakash Mahraj Pravachan

Aastha-Swami Dev Prakash maharaj Pravachan in Sindhi at Ulhasnagar-421005 India


Muhinjo Daru Dawa Tuhinjo Deedar Aa - Kumar Soni - BSS Cheti Chand 2019

Muhinjo Daru Dawa Tuhinjo Deedar aa. by Kumar Soni. Cheti Chand Program organised by Bhartiya Sindhu Sabha under the supervision of Daadi Veena Bhatia

Keywords:Cheti Chand,Veena Bhatia,Bharatiya Sindhu Sabha,Cheti Chand 2019,Hiranandani Meadows

Jo Ham Bhale Bhure so Tere - Bhajan by Yogesh Nagdev

Jo Ham Bhale Bhure so Tere - Bhajan by Yogesh Nagdev Yogesh Nagdev is professional singer with amazing voice and music sense. Subscribe to his channel

Keywords:Yogesh Nagdev,Bhajan,Hindi Bhajan,Jo Hum Bhale Bhure

Live with Ghazal Nawaz Mahesh Chander - Interview in New York

Live with Ghazal Nawaz Mahesh Chander - Interview in New York ITV Live New York, Discussion on Ghazal with Mahesh Chander during his visit USA.

Keywords:Mahesh Chander,Master Chander,New York,New Jersey,ITV Live,Sindhi,Urdu Gazal

Arctic North pole Moon appears to fall on earth, Eclipses Sun for 5 sec

Between Russia & Canada in the Arctic North Pole, when the moon appears in the day so big for 30 secs, Eclipses Sun for 5 secs & disappears. This video is received on social network with no details of date and time. Authenticity can not be verified of the location mentioned or view as presented. Camera Shake, grass moving on ground and zoom in zoom out seems to be real. Mathematically Direction changing in surface and lights is most accurate. Darkening of land by covering the sun also seems very accurate. Whoever is witnessing this view in real must be in awe of unbelievable view of the moon.

Keywords:Russia,Canada,North Pole,Arctic,Moon,Super Moon,Eclipse,Solar Eclipse,Moon Fast

Sindhi Medley ( Mashup ) | Nirmal Mirchandani | Sita Sindhu Bhavan

Sindhi Medley ( Mashup ) sung by Nirmal Mirchandani at Sita Sindhu Bhavan, Santacruz East. at Sita Sindhu Bhavan Show 584 recorded on 8th October-2017 Website:

Keywords:Sindhi Medley,Mashup,Nirmal Mirchandani,Sita Sindhu Bhavan,Sindhi Songs,Sindhi Programs,Sindhi

27 Sai Kaliram - Dukh Dard , Alam Ranjh Ain Armaan Hazaaren

27 Dukh Dard, Alam Ranjh Ain Armaan Hazaaren sung by Sai Kaliram in Loving Memory of Dada Thakur Chawla at Sita Sindhu Bhavan. More here:

Keywords:Dukh Dard Alam Ranjh Ain Armaan Hazaaren,Sai Kaliram,Dada Thakur Chawla,Sita Sindhu Bhavan,Sindhi Song,Sindhi Programme

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