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Radio Sindhi - Hoshiyar Sindhi #11 with Harsha Talreja, Komal Balani & Shubham Nathani

Get ready for the most awaited show of the week, Hoshiyar Sindhi, Episode #11 coming live on our FB page & YouTube on 15-Aug-2020, Saturday, 9pm IST. We will meet with Harsha Talreja, Classical Sindhi Singer, Komal Balani, Arrkkā Luxury Soaps, Shubham Nathani, New Generation Singer, with same host Deepak Keswani

Keywords:Sindhi Program,Harsha Talreja,Shubham Nathani,Komal Balani,ARRKKA

Radio Sindhi - Hoshiyar Sindhi #9 with Manjushree Assudani, Dr Mayuri Assudani & Yogesh Nagdev

Get ready for the most awaited show of the week, Hoshiyar Sindhi, Episode #9 coming live on our FB page & YouTube on 1-Aug-2020, Saturday, 9pm IST. We will meet with Manjushree Assudani Tejwani, Melodious Versatile Singer, Mayuri Assudani, Chief IVF Expert, IndiraIVF Nagpur Yogesh Nagdev, Ghazal & Classical Singer with same host Deepak Keswani

Keywords:Sindhi,Sindhi Program,Manjushree Assudani,IVF,Invitro Fertilisation,Dr Mayuri Assudani,Raj Tejwani,Manjushree Assudani Tejwani,Dada Vaswani,Yogesh Nagdev

Radio Sindhi presents Hoshiyar Sindhi #3

Another exciting show of Hoshiyar Sindhi coming live on our FB page & YouTube on 13-June-2020, Saturday, 9pm IST. We will meet with Raj & Kishin Juriani, Singer, Lyricist, Musician, Artist & YouTuber, Pooja Vazirani, Hindustani Classical Vocal Trainee & Sindhi Folk Performer, Rahul Bhurani, Co-Founder of, Sindhi Matrimony website. Host is still the same Deepak Keswani

Keywords:Sindhi Music,Sindhi Program,Hoshiyar Sindhi,Radio Sindhi,Rahul Bhurani,Raj Juriani,Kishin Juriani,Deepak Keswani

Parchan Shaal Pavar on guitar by Abhishek Mukherjee

Parchan Shaal Pavar on guitar by Abhishek Mukherjee Bollywood Professional Singer & Music Composer Abhishek Mukherjee who is a Bengali (non-sindhi) sings classical sindhi song so nicely.


Satrangi Sakhiyun on 8-Mar-2022 at 7:30pm IST

Satrangi Sakhiyun on 8-Mar-2022 at 7:30pm IST Join for International Women's day program Amrita Lal - Anchor Barkha Khushalani - Writer & Translator Kavita Bathija - Chef Priya Vachhani - Writer Roshni Hotwani - Comedian Dr. Meena Mankani - Homeopath Dr. Heena Moolpani - Reiki Grandmaster & Healer Pooja Vazirani - Classical Singer Roshni Jashnani - Artist

Keywords:Sindhi Program,Amrita Lal,Barkha Khushalani,Kavita Bathija,Priya Vachhani,Roshni Hotwani,Dr. Meena Mankani,Dr. Heena Moolpani,Pooja Vazirani,Roshni Jashnani

Ramzun Saan Ghulam Kayo Thav | Sindhi Kalaam | Pooja Vazirani

Ramzun Saan Ghulam Kayo Thav Saajan Asaan Khey - Pooja Vazirani is presenting this beautiful kalaam in her unique classical style. This is inspired and adaptation from the version sung by Kamla Keswani ji & Parvati Chawla Ji Lyrics: Shah Naseer Sahab Harmonium: Shridhar Bhat Tabla: Dhaivat Mehta Keyboard: Sandeep Thadani Dholak: Sunil Bhardwaj Engineer: Nirmal Rathod Recording Studio: Compass Box Studio, Ahmedabad Mix & Master/ Video Edit : Raag Sethi Videography: Yuvan Seth Producer: Mahesh Israni Pooja Vazirani learned Music from Gurus Smt. Shubha Mudgal, Dr. Andesh Pradhan & Shri Sudhir Nayak who provided invaluable constant guidance. #poojavazirani #sindhikalam #sindhisong

Keywords:Pooja Vazirani,Sindhi Kalaam,Kalaam,Sindhi Song,Pooja Sindhi,Compas Box Studeio,Ahmedabad Sindhi,Kamla Keswani,Parvati Chawla,Shah Naseer Sahab,Shridhar Bhat,Dhaivat Mehta,Sandeep Thadani,Sunil Bhardwaj,Classical,Sindhi Classic,Ramzun Saan Ghulam

Zindagia Saan Nibaino Aahe - M Kamal Ghazal - sung by Mahesh Chander

Zindagia Saan Nibaino Aahe - M Kamal Ghazal - sung by Mahesh Chander Releasing on 96th Birth Anniversary of Shri M M Kamal. Video Editing by Deepak Keswani( You can watch the entire program here:

Keywords:Mahesh Chander,M Kamal,Sindhi Song,Classic Song,Classical Song

Dr. Pandit Askaran Sharma - Interview

Dr. Pandit Askaran Sharma- Sindhi- is PHD in Music. He runs his music classes in Mumbai. He was heading All India Radio. Sation Director. He composed many Sindhi songs.Interviewed by Asha Chand. This was telecast in "Sindhi Surhaan" Programme on Doordrshan produced by Sindhi SUBSCRIBE NOW - Promote Sindhyat

Keywords:Pandit Askarn Sharma,Sindhi Sangat,Classical Sindhi Music,Asha Chand,Sindhi,Sindhi Kalam,Sindhi Music,sindhi folk Songs,,pandit askaran sharma,Pandit (Ethnicity)

Mohan Gehani talks about translation from Sindhi to English سنڌي ساھت جو انگريزيءَ ۾ ترجمو

Mohan Gehani talks about the translation of Sindhi literature to English. in a webinar organized by Sahitya Akademi. He has talked about classical poets of the Sindhi language. Shah Abdul Lateef, Sachal Sarmast, and Saami. German Dr. Thump was the first one who translated Shah Lateef in GERMAN language. H.T. Sorely was an advocate and got interested in Shah Lateef's poetry and he did his PHD and published a book - Shah Abdul Lateef of Bhit poetry and Life. Shri Mohan Gehani is a recipient of the Sahitya Akademi Award. He has spoken very interesting things about British officers before the partition. Brought to you by Asha Chand. Share with others & Do subscribe We promote Sindhi through the internet and media i.e. Television. visit to view all the content so far produced by us Pls watch our 'Sindhi Sangat Kids' channel on YouTube and Subscribe. Enjoy and stay connected with us!! Subscribe to Sindhi Sangat channel for Sindhi Programmes You can also visit us at Sangat Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Download for Free 'LEARN SINDHI' app on Mobile- and Learn Sindhi Website of the most illustrious Sindhi short story writer

Keywords:sindhi Asha Chand,promote Sindhi


Raj Juriani singing sindhi sufi kalam "Boondh birah ji bahar lagi' lyrics by Shah Abdul Latif from book "Sik Ji Sougat" compiled by Dada Ram Panjwani SONG : BOOND BIRIH JI BAHAR LAGI SINGER : RAJ JURIANI - 9324364000 PLACE : SITA SINDHU BHAVAN VIDEO : POOJA JURIANI (MUSITRONICS)

Keywords:raj juriani,shah abdul latif,ram panjwani,sita sindhu bhavan,mumbai,sufi song,sufi kalam,sindhiyat,sindhi event,Sindh Sindhi People Songs,bhagat,kanwar,ram,shah,latif,abida,sindhi,classical,boond,birah,ji,bahar,lagi,Sindhi song,jhulelal,mata,cheti Chand,m

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