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Felicitation of Asha Chand in Dubai By VSSS سنمان آشا چاند جو دبئيءَ ۾

Sahitik Seminar on Sindhi Iron lady Asha Chand in Dubai By VSSS organized by Smt Bineeta Nagpal, National Advisor. Daughter of Sundri Uttamchandani and A. J Uttam, Asha Chand, has been promoting the Sindhi language, literature, and culture for the last many years. organizing Sindhi cultural event in Dubai, every year for the past 21 years shows her commitment to promote Sindhi Music and entertainment. Share with others & Do subscribe We promote Sindhi through the internet and media ie Television. visit to view all the content so far produced by us Pls watch our 'Sindhi Sangat Kids' channel on youtube and Subscribe. Timestamps: 00:00 Felicitation of asha Chand in Dubai By VSSS 02:06 Bineeta Nagpal welcomes all 04:42 Welcoming Asha Chand 05:17 Manish Punjabi's Speech 07:01 Moomal Khemnani's Speaks about mother Asha 12:54 Dr. Ram Buxani Giving Gift to Moomal Khemnani 13:13 Asha Chand Giving Medal to Moomal Khemnani 13:28 Narendra Sadhwani's Speech 14:33 Dr. Ram buxani's Speech 16:16 Giving Award to Asha Chand 16:26 Asha Chand's Speech 22:18 Asha Chand garlanding members VSSS 22:40 Photos of Felicitation 23:00 Outro Enjoy and stay connected with us!! Subscribe to Sindhi Sangat channel for Sindhi Programmes You can also visit us at Sangat Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Download for Free 'LEARN SINDHI' app on Mobile - Android and IOS Links Below For Andriod : For IOS : Website of the most illustrious Sindhi short story writer

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Padamshree Dr. J. R. Gangaramani

Padamshree Dr. Jawahar Gangaramani, Chairman of Al Faraa Group of companies with diversified business interest in UAE and India. A True Sindhi at heart, is always ready to extend full support in promotion of Sindhyat and Sindhi cultural activites. Interviewed by Asha Chand

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A J Uttam Interviewed by Dr. Arjan Sikayal

Sindhi Sahit Ji timurti Video documentary was produced by Asha Chand and Bina - Geeta Khiani in year 2000. One of the three best known literary figures and freedom fighter Shri A. J. Uttam is being interviewed by Dr. Arjan Sikayal. Shri A. J. Uttam was an outstanding progressive writer, critic, journalist, editor and very well known for outspoken, consistent well studied and documented opinion. In fact he was called the walking, talking and living encyclopedia of Sindhi literature. Shri A. J. Uttam (Or Assandas Jethanand Uttamchandani) was born on 16th December 1923 in Hyderabad Sindh (now in Pakistan). He formed a progressive writers group in 1946 in Hyderabad - Sindh, which held weekly literary study classes in which famous writers like Lekhraj Aziz, Professor M. U. Malkani, Tirth Basant, Prof. Gehimal Mulchandani and Kalyan Advani & revolutionary poet Haider Bux Jatoi and others participated/attended. Here he also interacted with other progressive artists like A.K. Hangal, Gobind Malhi, Shaikh Ayaz, Anand Golani and others. For some more information visit :A. J. Uttam was one of the pioneers of the first premier literary and cultural organization - Sindhi Sahit Mandal which was formed in January 1949 under the presidentship of Prof. M. U, Malkani in Bombay, the well-known dramatist and Historian. A. J. Uttam held the post of General Secretary and Vice President. The Mandal encouraged upcoming writers. Here many writers sent their writings to weekly study class. The Sindhi Sahit Mandal eventually evolved as the seat of Sindhi literary and cultural activities. It started the Sindhi language recognition movement in 1952 with five writers committee including Mr. A. J. Uttam. It held annual sammelans which included cultural programmes by Bhagwanti Navani, Smt. Sundri Uttamchandani, Savita Babani, Shivo Ramnani, Loku Hemrajani, Moti Prakash & others. Here young, enthusiastic and energetic writers and artists took part along with senior and elder writers and e

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Dada Ram Panjwani Episode

Sindhi Sangat Presents Our Cultural Ambassador, Dada Ram Panjwani (20.11.1911 - 31.03.1987). Anchor: Moomal Punjabi. Brought to you by Asha Chand. Share with others & Do subscribe. We promote Sindhi through internet and media i.e, Television. To watch more videos, copy the links below: Sindhi Promotion- K TV News Report Interview of Lachhman Bhatia 'Komal' Meeting in Sindhunagar on 8th March 2017 Learn Sindhi Pahaka (Proverbs 001-050) Learn Sindhi Pahaka (Proverbs 051-100)

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Sindhyat Jo Jazbo Live Streaming سنڌيت جو جذبو

Sindhyat Jo Jazbo Event organized by Asha Chand on 30th Jan 2022 at Shaikh Rashid Auditorium, Dubai. Sindhi Sangat has been organizing every year for past 20 years such an event in Dubai. This was our 21st cultural show. We every year invite on Singer for India and once from Sindh. Mohit Lalwani from Hind and Humera Channa from Sindh, along with Bhagat Ghanshyam and KD, made our program an outstanding program which people will not forget. Share with others & Do subscribe Asha Chand starts the show Humera Channa sings Shah Lateef Ja Dohiras @4:57 Asha Introduces Mohit Lalwani @14:01 Mohit Sings Aandhi a mein Jyot... @21:00 Mohit Sings Dil Tuhinji Muhinji... @24:46 Asha Introduces Humera Channa @27:54 Humera Channa Sings Dil dije dilwaran Khe.. @ 37:25 Humera Sings Sindh Wara Yaad Tha Kani @43:06 Asha introduces Duet Song by Mohit and Humera - Tokhe Kasam Bahar Jo @44:36 Mohit and Humera sings Duet song - Tokhe Kasam Bahar Jo @49:00 Asha Introduces KD for Comedy @51:16 KD does Comedy item @1:08:24 Asha Introduces Humera Channa @1:11:12 Humera Starts Melo aa Lyric by Dholan Rahi @1:20:54Humera sings Laado Paavli/Laung/Mor @1:26:34 Asha Introduces Bhagat Ghanshyam @1:32:48 Bhagat Starts Ghanshyam @2:13:12 Introduces Mohit Lalwani @2:14:50 Jhulelal Medley by Mohit @2:20:56 Mohit sings Duhal Damaman saan Endaseen @ 2:24:03 Lagi aa Lagi Aa Dil tosan Lai aa by Mohit @2:29:59 Introduces KD for his comedy @2:31:21 KD starts comedy @2:45:03 Asha introduces Humera Again @2:46:42 Humera sings RAANO- lyrics by Shah Lateef @2:54:12 Asha Introduces Mohit for Lal Muhinji Pat Rakhij @2:56:56 Mohit sings Lal Muhinji @3:02:45 Asha Introduces Hojamalo by All @3:02:46 Hojamalo Starts and Ends with introduction of all the Artists, volunteers & thanking Musicians. Ends We promote Sindhi through the internet and media i.e Television. visit to view all the content so far produced by us Pls watch our 'Sindhi Sangat Kids' channel on youtube and Subscribe. htt

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Sacho Sapoot- Shree Mohandas Ranjhan Valecha ji

Sacho Sapoot- Shree Mohandas Ranjhan Valecha Shri Mohandas Ji Valecha established, Master Ranjhan Sindhu Bhavan (MRSB) in 2015 to fulfill the dreams of his father , Master Ranjhan. Many cultural activities are being performed regularly in MRSB. The 3rd Sunday musical dhamaka has become very popular and serves as a plateform to many renowned and even to new artists and singers. Many other activities like inter school compitition, Sindhi Skits, Sukhmani Path, Bahrana Sahib . Free yoga camp and regular yoga class is steel going on.

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Sindhi Dance Performance

Sindhi Folk instrumental

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Life Time Achievement award to Legend Shree Mohandas Ranjhan Valecha ji From SINDHU YOUTH CIRCLE ULHASNAGAR for his life time contribution for Promotion of Sindhi Language. Shree Mohandas Valecha ji have kept alive the legecy of his father The world famous Sindhi Poet, Singer and Music Composer. Shree Mohandas Valecha ji have also Published Sindhi Poetry Books Pened by Sufi Kavi Master Ranjhan Sahib ji.he have published Many Sindhi Music Video CDS and A documenty film on Sufi Kavi Master Ranjhan Sahib ji. In 2015 he have alone Stablished a Community Hall named MASTER RANJHAN SINDHU BHAWAN where many Sindhi Cultural Activities are performed. Master Ranjhan Sindhu Bhavan is The City's Pride now where all Sindhi's meet and enjoy Sindhi programmes and Sindhi festivals.

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Sindhi Sadai Aabad Raho A beautiful and Famus Kalam of Sufi Kavi Master Ranjhan Sahib ji, Sung by Singer Jagdish Mangtani ji. Team MRSB has presented very beautiful programmes in these 6 years like Sindhi summer camp, Sindhi Mela, Sindhi Cultural Show, Sindhi Food festival. Sindhi Bahirana Sahib, Sukhmani Paath, Yoga Camp, Medical Camp, Many interschool Competetions.lije Story telling Competetion, Poetry, Elocution Competetion etc. Here are few Beautiful memories of Team MRSB sharing in this Video. Concept and Editing : Sangeeta Sukhwani.

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BHAGWANTI NAVANI #BhagwantiNavani #SindhiKoel #MurkJiRani

BHAGWANTI NAVANI Tribute to Sindhi Koel, Murk hi Rani Didi Bhagwanti Navani ji, Collection of all her Singing Shades. Lada, Loki, Geet. Kalam, Bhajan, Film Song, Disco Songs, Sakhi , she has done a fabulous Work, she spreads her Sweet Sindhi Language via Music, our reference Videos are from few her live Videos, few videos from Tips, some from Malhi Cultural Academy,some from Classic Video Vision.

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