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Master Chander Sahib's 114th Birthday Celebrations

Master Chander Sahib's 114th Birthday Celebrations with Arti Raj Chander, Dada Gope Chander, Dadi Gopi from New York with Deepak Keswani on Sindhi Sadaeen Shahukar. 7th December, 2020 at 7pm. Master Chander Family did Seera cutting ceremony just like cake cutting as this khus khus ka seera with Badam was favorite sweet dish of Master Chander Sahib.

Keywords:Master Chander Birthday

Webinar on Shri Ram Lalchandani, Sindhi Chitrakar

NCPSL India & Paru Thakur Family Trust presents webinar on Shri Ram Lalchandani, Sindhi Chitrakar on Thursday, 15th October, 2020 at 7:00pm onwards. Guests, Pratap Pinjani, Director of NCPSL Jairam Rupani Kamla Goklani Ashok Jain Menghraj Talreja Barkha Khushalani Anand Lalchandani Aarohi Lal Lavi Bhagat Ram Jaiswal Amrita Lal

Keywords:Ram Lalchandani,Shobha Lalchandani,Sita Sindhu Bhavan,Amrita Lal,Anand Lalchandani,Ashok Jain,Menghraj Talreja,Barkha Khushalani,Aarohi Lal,Lavi Bhagat,Ram Jaiswal,Prof. Ram Jaiswal

Chalihe Je Mele Ji Raat - 24-Aug-20, Monday at 10pm

Jai Jhulelal, Chaliha Sahib Festival/Fast is at the stage of completion. We are thrilled to invite you tonight at 10pm for the Chalihe Je Mele Ji Raat, Musical Night program with Chaliha Sahib Jhulelal Mandir Singers & Devotees. We have invited Neha Udasi, Vijay Wadhwa, Raj Juriani with host Deepak Keswani. Let's make this online program memorable while the Mandir is closed for common public. Do share this with your friends & family

Keywords:Sindhi Program,Chaliha Sahib,Raj Juriani,Vijay Wadhwa,Neha Udasi,Deepak Keswani,Dada Satram Rohra,Nehana Udasi,Jhulelal Mandir

Radio Sindhi - Hoshiyar Sindhi #10 with Master Chander Complete Family

Get ready for the most awaited show of the week, Hoshiyar Sindhi, Episode #10 coming live on our FB page & YouTube on 8-Aug-2020, Saturday, 9pm IST. We will meet with Gope Chander, Mahesh Chander, Arti Raj Chander, Harish Chander, Anil Chander & many many more to know the complete details of Master Chander Sahib & legacy, with same host Deepak Keswani

Keywords:Sindhi Show,Master Chander,Mahesh Chander,Arti Raj,Harish Chander,Anil Chander,Hari Chander,Gope Chander,Sur Chander Ja Raat Chander Ji

Book a FREE Vaccine near your home - Secret Tricks Explained

In case you're trying to book COVID19 vaccine and finding it difficult to do so, watch this short video. It will help you to book the vaccine using some simple steps. So much knowledge related to the vaccination process is shared only in 9 minutes. The objective behind this video is to help the Sindhi Community to learn the technical process involved in making a booking to get vaccinated in very simple layman's language. Get vaccinated to safeguard yourself and your family members. Once a majority of the population is vaccinated, we will have confidence to go out freely and carry out our business as usual. What is the Corona Virus situation currently? How has it affected the Sindhi Community? How can Vaccination help us to come out of this situation? How do we use Cowin Portal? The video comes with details and an on-screen guide. How many types of Vaccines are available in India? We have shared details about Covishield, Covaxin & Sputnik Vaccines. How do we use the Telegram app to instantly book desired vaccine at the desired location? link to Cowin portal : link to above 45 telegram channel : link to under 45 telegram channel : Thank you so much for viewing this video and sharing it with friends & Family. Thanks to Alka Keswani & Amrita Lal for reviewing the video so many times and giving feedback. Thanks to Sindhyat Foundation having trust & support. Presenter: Deepak Keswani/Radio Sindhi. Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License #Covid19 #Vaccination #Cowin

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Part 3-Master Chander Family-Untold stories with Gope Chander

Part 3 of Untold stories with Dada Gope Chander where He shares details about Family of Master Chander, Wedding of Master Chander and Successors from the family. There will be many such series of questions covered in small videos. Subscribe to Radio Sindhi YouTube Channel to stay updated...

Keywords:Master Chander,Gope Chander,Mahesh Chander,Tharushah,Sindhi Music,Legend of Sindhi Music

Father's Day Celebration Messages by 20 Sindhi Personalities

Paru Thakur Family Trust in association with Sita Sindhu Bhavan brings to you Father's Day Celebration Messages by 20 Sindhi Personalities. Releasing on 20-June-2021 at 12 Noon. Amrita Lal, Kishan Ramnani, Asha Chand, Barkha Khushalani, Vidhi Khubchandani, Kavita Israni, Anand Lalchandani, Rachna Sunder, Sangeeta Jaisingh Bapuli, Vandana Melwani, Sangeeta Sukhwani, Dr Bharti Chhabria, Shilpa Hardasani, Hanisha Alwani, Mohit Shewani, Shivani Vaswani, Shobha Chandnani, Simran Ahuja, Soniya Nihalani, Deepak Keswani Media Partner: Radio Sindhi 00:00 Intro 00:22 Amrita Lal's message for Shri Ram Lalchandani 01:31 Kishan Ramnani's message for Shri Sarup Shewaram Ramnani 03:20 Asha Chand's message for Shri A J Uttam 05:44 Barkha Khushalani's message for Shri Thakur Chawla 06:57 Vidhi Khubchandani's message for Shri Lachman Ludhani 09:39 Kavita Israni's message for Shri Kishanchand Phulwani 11:39 Anand Lalchandani's message for Shri Ram Lalchandani 12:30 Rachna Sunder's message for Shri Sunder Nachnaney 14:55 Sangeeta Jaisingh Bapuli's message for Shri Sunder Jaisingh 18:47 Vandana Melwani's message for Shri Narain Sawlani (Also from Roshni Mehtani, Nandini Dhanani & Sunil Sawlani) 20:19 Sangeeta Sukhwani's message for Shri Mohandas Ranjhan Valecha 22:18 Dr. Bharati Chhabria's message for Shri Biharilal Chhabria 23:15 Shilpa Hardasani's message for Shri Lal Hardasani 23:41 Hanisha Alwani's message for Dr. Ram Buxani 24:10 Mohit Shewani's message for Shri Dinesh Shewani 25:13 Shivani Vaswani's message for Shri Ghansham Vaswani 26:05 Shobha Chandnani's message for Shri Gobind Malhi 29:32 Simran Ahuja's message for Shri Nandlal Nenumal Ji 32:02 Soniya Nihalaani's message for Shri Parmanand Pyasi 35:23 Deepak Keswani's message for Shri Bhagchand Sugumal Keswani 36:43 Closing Music Sources: 1. betterdays 2. Sudeshna Instrumentals - Papa Jaldi Ghar Aa Jana

Keywords:Father's Day,Sindhi Program,Sindhi Show,Father's Day Messages,Amrita Lal,Kishan Ramnani,Asha Chand,Barkha Khushalani,Vidhi Khubchandani,Kavita Israni,Anand Lalchandani,Rachna Sunder,Sangeeta Jaisingh Bapuli,Vandana Melwani,Sangeeta Sukhwani,Dr Bharti Chhabria,Shilpa Hardasani,Hanisha Alwani,Mohit Shewani,Shivani Vaswani,Shobha Chandnani,Simran Ahuja,Soniya Nihalani,Deepak Keswani

Ali Fazal Bollywood Actor at Junior Sindhi IDOL - 2

Ali Fazal Bollywood Actor at Junior Sindhi IDOL Season II He came to encourage young Sindhi Artists on request of B Kandhari Family at Balgandharva Auditorium, Bandra West on 8-Dec-2018 - 6:30pm. He was appreciated for his work in Mirzapur, Fukre, Victoria and Abdul and many of his Bollywood movies. More parts about the event will be added soon. Please subscribe to our channel to receive the notification.

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Binatone The Brick phone - India Unboxing

Binatone The Brick phone Unboxing - The Brick is a bluetooth headset, speaker microphone and also a GSM phone. It looks like a chord-less phone, but actually a Mobile phone. You can use this for calling and receiving calls. Apart from Phone calling you also get these features. Audio Player, FM Radio, Alarm Clock, Calendar, Address book Bluetooth headset Highly Recommended phone for elders/senior citizen in your family. =============== Amazon India link to order this phone at big discount: ===============

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Hina Janam Hun Janam by Drshika Advani

Hina Janam Hun Janam by Drshika Advani Paru Thakur Family Trust presents Kahaani... Kalpana Haqeeqat ? 90th Birthday Celebration of Dada Thakur Chawla, a tribute to him through stories penned by him,

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