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Thadri Festival Rituals, Food, Thadri Song, Vadhi Satain, Sheetla Mata

Complete details of Thadri Festival Rituals, Thadri Food, Thadri Song, Vadhi Satain, Sheetla Mata Prayers, Palav offered by Smt. Anjana Sharma (Hiranandani). Organised by Sindhyat Foundation at Lokeshwar Mandir, Thane. Thadri Song: Thadi Murk Sutha Bola Thadri Song Lyrics by: M Kamal Music: C. Lakhmichand Singer: Sushma Shreshth, Kamla Jhangiani Thadri Song Produced & Directed by: Anila Sunder Thadri Ritual done with Akhriyun, Dahi/Curd, Makkhan/White butter, Tilk, Channa Dal, Cholla, This Thadri enjoy the Thadri special cold food, Lola, Koki, Besini, Dal Pata, Dal Fulka, Dal Paratha, Karela, Dahi Wada, Dahi Bhallo, Loliriyun, Mithi Tikki, Mitho Lolo, Gaccha, Khato Battu, Bhindi, Mirchai Pakoda, Dahi Boondi For more details please visit #thadri #SindhiFestival #Koki

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Johnny Lever's Favourite Sindhi Dish

Johnny Lever's Favourite Sindhi Dish. What did Johnny Lever reply when Mohit Shewani Asked this question at Sur Chander Ja Raat Chander JI on 11-Jan-2020 at Balgandharva Natya Mandir, Bandra. Subscribe to RadioSindhi Channel to see full video. Learn to cook Sindhi Recipes

Keywords:Sindhi Food,Sindhi Comedy,Johnny Lever,Mohit Shewani,Sindhi Rasoi,Sur Chander Ja Raat Chander JI,Master Chander,Mahesh Chander,Music,Comedy,Sindhi,Mumbai

Hon. NARENDRA MODI sharing views about SINDHI FOOD

Hon. Chief Minister of Gujarat Narendra Modi sharing his view about Sindhi food during 18th International Sindhi Sammelan held in Ahmedabad.

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Anu Malik greets Sindhi IDOL

Anu Malik greets with well wishes for Sindhi IDOL contest. Organized by Sita Sindhu Bhavan. Show is organized on 8-Dec-2017 at Jai Hind College, Churchgate, Mumbai.

Keywords:Sindhi Idol,Anu Malik,Sita Sindhu Bhavan,Sindhi Singer,Sindhi Music,Sindhi,Sindhi Food,Indian Idol

Guar patata Khichdi | Clusterbeans!|Sindhifood

For recipe details please check the following link: #sindhifood #sindhirecipes #vegetarian


Healthy Raita|Moringa flower Raita|How to make raita using Drumstick flowers

Drumstick flowers are much loved by the Sindhi community and the pods and flowers (if in the season) are often included in the postpartum diet of the new moms. I have already shared the reels about how to clean/wash the flowers: And also how to cook the Sindhi Style Suhanjhre ki sabzi: Video recipe of Suhanjhro Subzi: To check tips on how to buy, store, clean and cook the Moringa flowers, do check the latest post on : #drumstickflowers #sindhirecipe #Moringa


Suhanjhro| Moringa flower curry| Sindhi style drumstick flower sabzi

A healthy dish made using the superfood, Moringa flowers or the drumstick flowers cooked with Lotus stem! For text recipe please click on the link given below: #sindhirecipes #moringa #lotusstem #superfood


Suhanjhro (Suwanjhro)|Moringa flowers| Traditional method to wash (rinse) moringa flowers

Washing (rinsing) Moringa (Drumstick) flowers, known as Suhanjhro in Sindhi, is a time consuming process. Many just rinse moringa flowers with water and strain the flowers using a strainer but the elderly Sindhi folks follow the process of "Aathrayan" I.e allowing the content (stems, dirt, mud) to settle down in water, discarding it while collecting the stuff that floats, to use it further.The step is repeated several times. I tried to capture the process of Aathrayan in this short video. Hope this helps! #moringa #superfood #howtoclean #edibleflowers #flowers #drumstick #suhanjhro #suvanjhro#sindhi #sindhifood #sindhirecipes

Keywords:moringa,flowers,how to cook flowers,sindhi recipe

Dal Chanvar| Dal Rice

Dal Chanvar or Dal Rice! The leftover mung dal, rice and shallow fried potatoes, mixed and heated well, eaten in a bowl, is one of the best ways of have Dal Rice. Ever tried it this way? #dalrice #dalchawal #mungdal #soulfood #ricebowl #sindhifood #leftover For more authentic, traditional and homestyle Sindhi recipes do check the following links: Join me at Instagram @Facebook : SindhiRasoi


Matar Pao| Kaala Vatana Chaat|Sindhi street food|Dried black peas and Pao chaat

Matar Pao or the black vatana chaat is a classic street food dish from Ulhasnagar, my home town! It is made by cooking dried black peas (Kaala Matar/Vatana) with salt and water and the curry is generally flavoured with just pepper. A spicier version is made by adding garam masala powder by many vendors. Some make it in onion gravy as well. You must try Matar Pao from Ulhasnagar Camp 5. During Chaliha Festival you will get Satvik version of this chaat (Without onions and garlic). Instead of pao, boiled arbi, potatoes could be used to make the chaat. Text recipe on the blog Green Chutney Recipe: Home made Special Chaat masala recipe: For more traditional and authentic Sindhi vegetarian, vegan recipes, check Join me at Instagram @Facebook : SindhiRasoi #matarchaat #sindhifood #matarpao

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