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Chalihe Je Mele Ji Raat - 24-Aug-20, Monday at 10pm

Jai Jhulelal, Chaliha Sahib Festival/Fast is at the stage of completion. We are thrilled to invite you tonight at 10pm for the Chalihe Je Mele Ji Raat, Musical Night program with Chaliha Sahib Jhulelal Mandir Singers & Devotees. We have invited Neha Udasi, Vijay Wadhwa, Raj Juriani with host Deepak Keswani. Let's make this online program memorable while the Mandir is closed for common public. Do share this with your friends & family

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Kadahin Puraran Yaran Khey bhi yaad kabo aa | Thane Sindhi Club

Kadahin Puraran Yaran Khey bhi yaad kabo aa by Gurmukh Chughria at Chet Chand Jo Melo 2017 organised by Thane Sindhi Club on 25-Mar-2017 at Kidpop Cetre school in Thane

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Grand Cheti Chand Virtual Mela 2021

Grand Cheti Chand Virtual Mela 2021 We are celebrating Cheti Chand Virtual mela for four days, 15, 16, 17 & 18 April, 2020 from 7:30 IST Onwards on 8 Virtual platforms Sindhi Papad Club, Radio Sindhi by Sindhyat Foundation, Diler Sindhi, Roshni Kamal Foundation, Kanwar Dham, Live Aaj Kal with Mohit Shewani, Sindhi Heritage Foundation & Suhina Sindhi Pune. Also supported by Sita Sindhu Bhavan, Sindhi Sangat, Acme, Sindhi Heritage Foundation, Sahyog Foundation, Friends of International Sindhis, Sindhi Aman Ji Asha, Viven, Kolkata Konnection, SOGO Human Technologies & Sindhyat Foundation

Keywords:Cheti Chand,Cheti Chand 2021,Virtual Mela,Grand Cheti Chand Virtual Mela,Sindhi Papad Club,Radio Sindhi,Diler Sindhi,Roshni Kamal Foundation,Kanwar Dham,Live Aaj Kal with Mohit Shewani,Sindhi Heritage Foundation,Suhina Sindhi Pune,Sita Sindhu Bhavan,Sindhi Sangat,Sahyog Foundation,Sindhi Aman Ji Asha,Kolkata Konnection,Sogo,Sindhyat Foundation

Book a FREE Vaccine near your home - Secret Tricks Explained

In case you're trying to book COVID19 vaccine and finding it difficult to do so, watch this short video. It will help you to book the vaccine using some simple steps. So much knowledge related to the vaccination process is shared only in 9 minutes. The objective behind this video is to help the Sindhi Community to learn the technical process involved in making a booking to get vaccinated in very simple layman's language. Get vaccinated to safeguard yourself and your family members. Once a majority of the population is vaccinated, we will have confidence to go out freely and carry out our business as usual. What is the Corona Virus situation currently? How has it affected the Sindhi Community? How can Vaccination help us to come out of this situation? How do we use Cowin Portal? The video comes with details and an on-screen guide. How many types of Vaccines are available in India? We have shared details about Covishield, Covaxin & Sputnik Vaccines. How do we use the Telegram app to instantly book desired vaccine at the desired location? link to Cowin portal : link to above 45 telegram channel : link to under 45 telegram channel : Thank you so much for viewing this video and sharing it with friends & Family. Thanks to Alka Keswani & Amrita Lal for reviewing the video so many times and giving feedback. Thanks to Sindhyat Foundation having trust & support. Presenter: Deepak Keswani/Radio Sindhi. Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License #Covid19 #Vaccination #Cowin

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Kadahin Puraran Yaaran - Gurmukh Chughria

Kadahin Puraran Yaaran khey bhi yaad kabo aa by Gurmukh Chughria at Puj Chaliha Sahib Jhulelal Mandir recorded on 3-Sept-2016

Keywords:Gurmukh Chughria,Chaliha Sahib,Sindhi Song,Jhulelal Mandir,Friendship,Ulhasnagar

Sindhi Mithiri Boli - SSB 632nd Show on 14-Mar-2021, Sunday, 12 Noon

Sindhi Mithiri Boli - SSB 632nd Show on 14-Mar-2021, Sunday, 12 Noon Music Crosses all Cultural Boundaries. 1st time ever NON-Sindhi artists singing SINDHI Songs. Friendly appearance by Anup Jalota, Singer Par Excellence. Annie Chatterjee, Meenakshi Vaswani, Abhishek Mukherjee, Neha Kalkar, Amruta Modak, Ashok Jain, Sangeeta Bapuli, Hansa Jessani, Amrita Lal & Aarohi lal

Keywords:Sindhi Program,Sindhi Show,Anup Jalota,Singer Par Excellence. Annie Chatterjee,Meenakshi Vaswani,Abhishek Mukherjee,Neha Kalkar,Amruta Modak,Ashok Jain,Sangeeta Bapuli,Hansa Jessani,Amrita Lal,Aarohi Lal

Dil Tuhinji Muhinji Hik Aa - SSB 631th Show on 14-Feb-2021 at 12 noon

Dil Tuhinji Muhinji Hik Aa, Sita Sindhu Bhavan Show #631. Celebrating Valentine Day Sindhi Style with Love Songs by Harish Chander, Aarti Chander, Anil Chander. Friendly Appearance by Mukesh Ahuja. Dhuni by Ashok Jain and anchoring by Amrita Lal with Palav by Aarohi Lal, Shradanjali to Mr. Ramchand Ludhani & Mr. P B Chand. Don't forget to join us on 14-Feb-2021 Sunday at 12 Noon IST. Event supported by Mr. Murli Odhrani

Keywords:Sindhi,Dil Tuhinji Muhinji Hik Aa,Arti Chander,Harish Chander,Anil Chander,Master Chander,Parsram Zia,Amrita Lal,Aarohi Lal,Mukesh Ahuja,Radio Sindhi,Sita Sindhu Bhavan,Shobha Lalchandani,Barkha Khushalani

Sindhi style Turnip pickle| Zero oil pickle|Gogrun Ji Khatain

Gogrun in Sindhi means Turnips and Khatain~ means something sour/acidic/a pickle! This is a traditional Kanji pickle made with turnips. This pickle is a winter favorite as turnips and fresh green garlic used in this pickle, are both, available in winters. This Zero oil pickle is not only delicious but also gut friendly. Do try the recipe! For detailed (text) recipe do check the link provided below: Join me at Instagram @Facebook : SindhiRasoi For all the vegetarian and Vegan Sindhi recipes kindly check my website: #shalgam ka achar #Sindhi Gogrun Ji Khatain #Zero oil Pickle #Turnip Pickle

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#sindhi# Jhulan Tho Chamke audio songs by #gurmukh chughria#

for chaliha sahib mela new songs for all public gurmukh jethalal chughria and group has composed these song for you pls listen and subscribe and share my link with friends my mob numbers 09822244307/09022254222

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#ganpati bapa# o my friend ganesha live by #gurmukh chughria

i got everything which i need ganpati bapa has give n me all in my life gurmukhh jethalal chughria 9822244307/9323656440

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