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Qeeme Jo Lolo (Veg.) for AlifBe Of Sindhi Food ~ 35

The 35th letter in Arabic Sindhi alphabet is ق i.e क़ in Devanagari and Q/K in Roman Sindhi. And the corresponding dish is Qeeme Jo Lolo but a vegetarian version (eggless).First time ever a complete vegetarian version of this recipe is shared on You tube! Do watch the video of the recipe coming up next in few moments! Join me @ Instagram : Sindhirasoiofficial: @Facebook : SindhiRasoi For all the vegetarian and Vegan Sindhi recipes kindly check my website:

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Zaefrani Kulfi for AlifBe of Sindhi Food ~26

The 26th Consonant in Sindhi AlifBe is ز i.e Z in Roman Sindhi and ज़ in Devanagari. And the corresponding dish is Zaefrani or Zaeffrani Kulfi! For the recipe of Kulfi for for interesting facts on Saffron and Kulfi, do check this link:

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Khhoraak or Khorak for AlifBe # 17

The 17th letter in Alif Be of Sindhi food is خ which is ख़ in Devanagari (Kindly note the Nukta or the dot) and 'Khh' in Roman Sindhi. Many a times people are unable to differentiate between ख़ (with a dot) and ख (without a dot) and hence use the latter one inappropriately. The Sindhi dish starting with this letter is Khhoraak, a winter sweet! To check the recipe of Khorak please click here:

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