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Sindhi Palav by Nisha Chelani from Indore, MP

Sindhi Palav by Nisha Chelani from Indore, MP Must listen & Watch this Sindhi Prayer to Jhulelal Sain with visuals from Jhulelal Mandir.

Keywords:Sindhi Palav,Nisha Chelani,Indore,MP,Sindhi Prayer,Jhulelal

Chand Jo Palav to Jhulelal Sain - Corona Mukt Kayo Sab Khey

Chand Jo Palav to Jhulelal Sain - Corona Mukt Kayo Sab Khey by Gurmukh Chughria.

Keywords:Sindhi Palav,Sindhi Prayer,Gurmukh Chughria,Jai Jhulelal,Chaliha Sahib

Amar Udera Lal Sain by Suman Khemlani

Amar Udera Lal Sain by Suman Khemlani Recorded on 19-Sept-2015 at Puj Chaliha Sahib Jhulelal Mandir. Party consisting of Jhamandas Bhagtani, Satram Rohra, Suman Khemlani, Raj Juriani & Vijay Wadhwa

Keywords:Suman Khemlani,Sindhi Song,Jhulelal,Chaliha Sahib,Satram Rohra Music Party

Chaliha Sahib 2015

Chaliha Sahib 2015. 40 days fast festival of Jhulelal Sain celebrated all over the world by Sindhis. Starting from 10-Aug-2015

Keywords:Jhulelal,Chaliha Sahib,Sindhi Festival,Ulhasnagar

Jhulelal Sain - Karan Khemani | Sur Chander Ja 2019

Jhule Jhule Lall Sain - Karan Khemani | Sur Chander Ja 2019 Sur ChanderJa Raat Chander JI 2019 - 112 birth Anniversary of Sangeet Acharya Master Chander show organized on 5-Jan-2019 at St. Andrews Auditorium, Mumbai. Radio Sindhi is Official Media Partner for Sur Chander Ja, Raat Chander Ji shows. Artist: Karan Khemani Master Chander Website:

Keywords:Karan Khemani,Sur Chander Ja,Sindhi Song,Jhulelal,Sur Chander Ja Raat Chander Ji,Master Chander 2019,Sangeet Acharya Master Chander

Amazing Story of Vatayo Faqir &one Song

One amazing story of Vatayo Faqir and matching song by Gurmukh Chughria.

Keywords:Sindhi Story,Vatayo Faqir,Gurmukh Chughria,Sindhi Ankhani,Jhulelal Sain,Chaliha Sahib,Deepak Keswani,Story

Chaliha Sahib Festival Starting 8-Aug-2018

Chaliha Sahib Festival Starting 8-Aug-2018 Most awaited festival of Jhulelal sain across the year starting tomorrow at Puj Chaliha Sahib Jhulelal Mandir, Sindhunagar-5

Keywords:Chaliha Sahib,Chaliha Sahib 2018,Jhulelal,Chaliha,40 days fast,Festival,Fast,Gurmukh Chughria,Thanwar Bhagat,Ulhasnagar,Sindhunagar

Tribute to Yogee Chotraney | We Sindhis | Sindhi Amaj Ji Asha | SAJA

Yogesh Chotraney Also known as We Sindhis who founded First famous Facebook Sindhi group "Sindhi - Aman Ji Asha". It was not just the group, but it was philosophy and inspiration to re-unite the Sindhis across the world. We all are very sad that he left us too early for heavenly abode on 17-May-2018. Most of the times he worked behind the scenes and very few people know him by face or voice. Today is his birthday. This video is made from his call recording on our answering machine where he explains 5 point program of Sindhu House. All of you will love it. We will remember him forever for his great work for Sindhis through internet. Praying Jhulelal Sain to bless his noble soul with peace. Jai Jhulelal

Keywords:Yogesh Chotraney,Yogee Chotraney,We Sindhis,SAJA,Sindhi Aman Ji Asha,Aman Ji Asha,Yogee,Sindhi Community,Tribute

Cheti Chand Jo Melo 2022 by Sindhyat Foundation

Sindhyat Foundation presents Cheti Chand Jo Melo 2022. Most awaited event of the year on 2nd April, 2022 6pm at Hiranandani Meadows Club House. Limited Seats, Call 77387 33220 for booking your seat. Sindhyat Day of Jhulelal Sain is here. Kumar Sony Musical Party to perform a Cheti Chand Program. Event sponsored by Savex Technologies. Supported by Arome, Vihaan Honda, Royalti, Wester India Wire Industries, Vasant Vihar Hospital, Jockey, Haute Fashion, Neelkanth Medicals, Faredeal Shipping, KK Caterer.

Keywords:Cheti Chand,Cheti Chand 2022,Cheti Chand Jo Melo,Jhulelal,Sindhyat,Sindhyat Foundation,Jhulelal Sain,Arome,Vihaan Honda,Kumar Soni,Musical Event,Promotion,Thane,Hiranandani Meadows,Club House

Why Pray only for Boys? Gurmukh Chughria

Why Pray only for Boys ? Gurmukh Chughria shares his concern and his position while praying Jhulelal Sain. Recorded on 17-Aug-2017 at Puj Chaliha Sahib Jhulelal Mandir

Keywords:Boy Child,Girl Child,Sindhi,Jhulelal,Gurmukh Chughria

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