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Type Happy Diwali in Sindhi at keyboard

Learn to type "Happy Diwali" in Sindhi at keyboard. "Tohankhey Diyari'a Joon Lakh Lakh Wadhayoon"

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Dr. Satish Modh - Sangh Chalak of Konkan Division - Sindhi Language

Dr. Satish Modh - Sangh Chalak of Konkan Division at All India Sindhi Academic Conference organized by National Council of Promotion of Sindhi Language, Ministry of HRD, New Delhi. Organized at Rambhau Mhalgi Prabhodhini, Bhayander, Thane on 1, 2 & 3 Feb, 2019. Various Sindhi Scholars and Delegates were invited from Sindhi Academies of India to discuss the future of Sindhi Language and Culture. Convenor : Dr. Ajeet Manyal

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Sindhi Sadaeen Shahukar ep #17 by Radio Sindhi - Monday 9pm

Sindhi Sadaeen Shahukar Ep #17 with Roshni & Sunil Hotwani (Ho Jamaalo Team) & Host Deepak Keswani on 25th January, 2021, Monday at 9pm IST. 2021. Mobile Apps that change your life. Live Smarter. Wealth Creation Stories, Tips N Tricks & Learn future Tech with Fun.

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Badi Mein Bal Aahe - Let's Learn Sindhi

Badi Mein Bal Aahe by Yash Keswani who goes to English Medium School. He learned Sindhi reading and writing during his school vacation. Its really not that difficult to learn Sindhi.

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Sindhi Newspaper Reading

This is an experiment video. Do you think this can be good way to learn SINDHI Language? Article being read is an article by "Jairam Rupani" highlighting the work of Indru Aatma.


AlifBe of Sindhi Food~ 48

The 48th Consonant of Sindhi Alphabet is ء, called as 'Hamzo' in Sindhi.In Roman Sindhi it is represented by 'A', just like Alif and Ayn! And since no dish exists with the name beginning with a Hamzo, I have picked Sindhi style Gogrun ji Khatain~ for the 48th alphabet of Arabic Sindhi script! Gogrun in Sindhi means Turnips and Khatain~ means something sour/acidic/a pickle! For the recipe video, check the youtube shorts! For text recipe, visit my blog Join me at Instagram @Facebook : SindhiRasoi For all the vegetarian and Vegan Sindhi recipes kindly check my website:

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AlifBe of Sindhi Food#46|How to write و (V) in Arabic Sindhi! Sindhi Alphabet Tutorial

The 46th Alphabet of Sindhi AlifBe (Persio - Arabic script ) is و in Sindhi, व in Devanagari and V in Roman Sindhi. And the corresponding dish for AlifBe` 46 is Vatan~an (Vataran) Ji Lilotari ! For the recipe of Vatana Ji Lilotari, click on the link below:

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AlifBe of Sindhi food~45| Video tutorial about how to write in Arabic Sindhi

The 45th Alphabet of Arabic Sindhi script is ڻ  in Sindhi, ण in Devanagari and N~ in Roman Sindhi. And the corresponding dish is the Ulhasnagar special Batan~ Papdi chaat.

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Sindhi Alifbe #44

The 44th 'alphabet' of Arabic Sindhi Script, AlifBe is ن in Sindhi, न in Devanagari and 'N' in Roman Sindhi. N as in  Nagpur, Nagaland, Nigeria or as in Nasarpur. Check this video and other videos from AlifBe series to learn how to write in Arabic Sindhi

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Sindhi AlifBe~43

The 43rd Alphabet of AlifBe of Sindhi Food is م in Sindhi, म in Devanagari and M in Roman Sindhi. M as in Milk, Mawa or Mithai and well, the corresponding dish also is a Mithai, inspired from Sindhi Majoon! To know more about the Majoon, what it is and how it is made, please do check my blog post here: Join me at Instagram @Facebook : SindhiRasoi For all the vegetarian and Vegan Sindhi recipes kindly check my website:

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