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What is Bharatiya Sindhu Sabha ? - Daadi Veena Bhatia

What is Bharatiya Sindhu Sabha - Daadi Veena Bhatia, president of Mahila Vibhag, Bharatiya Sindhu Sabha from Thane explains about institution, objectives, formation, Head Office. Dadi Veena Bhatia also explains how to be Lifetime member of Bharatiya Sindhu Sabha and receive updates in the form of newsletter. Cheti Chand Jo Melo 2019 was organised by Bharatiya Sindhu Sabha Thane West at Hiranandani meadows Club House.

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The Box of Nostalgia - Abana Spices - ORDER NOW

The Box of Nostalgia contains authentic Sindhi spices mix for making nostalgic Sindhi dishes. You'll get 14 variety of spice packs in Box of Nostalgia and 1 bottle of Dal Pakwan Masala. There is welcome letter and booklet to make these recipes. You can order this box at inaugural price of only Rs. 499 from website or whatsapp on 8383078362 The Box of Nostalgia contains: 1. Sindhi Dal Pakwaan Masala (In a Jar) 2. Sindhi Kadi Masala 3. Sindhi Biryani Masala 4. Sindhi Sanna Pakora Masala 5. Sindhi Aloo Tuk Masala 6. Sindhi Mutton/Chicken Masala 7. Lahori Paneer Tikka Masala 8. Shahi Garam Masala Masala 9. Pindi Chole Masala 10. Puraani Dilli Chaat Masala 11. Kesari Haldi 12. Royal Aamchur 13. Teekhi Lal Mirch 14. Pani-Puri Masala

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AlifBe of Sindhi Food ~ 49

The last alphabet of  AlifBe, the Sindhi alphabet is ي in Arabic Sindhi, य in Devanagari and 'Y' is Roman Sindhi. It is also used as a vowel and could be pronounced as /e/ (even long /eee/). No Sindhi dish starts with the letter Y. Hence for the last alphabet in this series I have picked 'Viyam Ja khaada' . All the recipes are up on the blog.


Sindhi AlifBe~ 42

The 42th alphabet of Arabic Sindhi script is ل in Sindhi, ल in Devanagari and 'L' in Roman Sindhi. And the corresponding dish is Lor^h , a unique, healthy, boiled snack! For recipe details, check my blog :

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Qeeme Jo Lolo (Veg.) for AlifBe Of Sindhi Food ~ 35

The 35th letter in Arabic Sindhi alphabet is ق i.e क़ in Devanagari and Q/K in Roman Sindhi. And the corresponding dish is Qeeme Jo Lolo but a vegetarian version (eggless).First time ever a complete vegetarian version of this recipe is shared on You tube! Do watch the video of the recipe coming up next in few moments! Join me @ Instagram : Sindhirasoiofficial: @Facebook : SindhiRasoi For all the vegetarian and Vegan Sindhi recipes kindly check my website:

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Phepho Mirch for AlifBe of Sindhi Food # 34

The 34th alphabet in Sindhi is ڦ  i.e फ in Devanagari and 'Ph', as in photo, in Roman Sindhi. AlifBe of Sindhi food is a food series of A-Z of Sindhi food. And we cover each alphabet of Arabic Sindhi script and discuss a dish that starts with that letter. So for ڦ (Ph) the dish is Phepho Mirch! For the text recipe of Phepho mirch click here: TO watch the video recipe of Phepho mirch, click here:

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Rabri for AlifBe of Sindhi Food#25

The 25th letter in the AlifBe of Sindhi food is ڙ in Sindhi, ड़ in Devanagari and is represented by R^ in Roman Sindhi. No word starts with ड़ in Devanagari and so is the case with Arabic Sindhi too and hence ڙ  never comes in the beginning of any Sindhi word. The corresponding Sindhi dish is Rab^r^i or Rabdi/Rabri and many Sindhis also call it as Reb^r^i! For the recipe and tips on making Rabri kindly do click on the following link:

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Kagzi Lemon Pickle for AlifBe#23

The 23rd letter in Sindhi Alphabet (AlifBe) is  ذ   i.e  ज़  in Devanagari and in Roman Sindhi it is Z as in  Zebra ! Ideally this Z i.e ذ is used in words that are not of Sindhi Origin. This Z is known as 'Zaal' and is used in words like 'Zaro' (means 'little') or as in Kaagaz (Paper). And since there is no Sindhi Veg dish that starts with this letter, I have picked Kagzi Leemun Ji khatain~ i.e Pickle made from Kagzi lemon for this alphabet since this ذ is used in the word Kagzi!

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Dhodho Chatni for Alifbe of Sindhi food#22

The 22nd letter of the AlifBe series is ڍ in Arabic Sindhi, ढ in Devanagari and in Roman Sindhi it is Dh as in Dhaka/ or Dhokla. And the corresponding Sindhi dish is Dhodho Chatni or chutney served with patted jowar roti, a revered Prasad at the Sadhu Bella Ashram in Mumbai. For the recipe kindly click on the following link:

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Dabal Pakora or Pakora pao/Pakora Sandwich for Alifbe #21

Alifbe of Sindhi Food, the series about A-Z of Sindhi food is now at the 21st letter; ڊ or D in Roman Sindhi and ड in Devanagari ! D as in Daddy, Dairy, Daily etc! And I couldn't help but pick one of the most popular Sindhi street foods, the Dab^al Pakor^a (In Roman Sindhi) or Dabal Pakora (Pakora pao/sandwich) for ڊ ! For the recipe of Sanna Pakora please check the following link: And for Laadi Pao, you can check the recipe here:

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