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GetBig AgroCare Seasonal Mango Offer

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13 Sindhi Pickles that you can easily make at home !

Want to learn the most unique, most popular as well as the most loved Sindhi Pickles? Want recipes of Zero Oil Pickles or of the jaw dropping exotic Potli pickle? Then just click on the following link to get 13 tried and tested Pickle recipes from Sindhi Cuisine:

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Alifbe Of Sindhi Food~5

AlifBe of Sindhi Food series is like A-Z series but here we follow the Arabic Sindhi Alphabet. 5th Alphabet of AlifBe is ڀ or Bh and the dish is Bheendi Khatti! Bheendi Khatti is a traditional Sindhi Pickle made from grated raw mangoes. For the recipe kindly check the blogpost!

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Bheendi Khatti For AlifBe Of Sindhi Food~5

Bheendi Khatti is a pickle made from grated raw mangoes, mixed with pickling spices and small portions are tied in a potli of muslin cloth. To know why mango pickle is called Bheendi Khatti, check the blog post on the website!


Sindhionism : THE MANGO

It's the season of Mangoes watch out dad and son arguing over it Written & Developed by : Dirven Hazari About Sindhionism : Sindhionism is an Online Entertainment Channel Founded by Mr.Dirven Hazari for Producing Content exclusively in Sindhi Language thereby Entertaining the masses and Connecting the community with the Language. Channel Head : Dirven Hazari For Enquiries :

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HAPPY AKHAND TEEJ! | #youtubeshorts

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