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Sindhi Lada for Sindhi Shaadi

We want Sindhi Lada at every Sindhi Shaadi. Don't loose any Sindhi wedding opportunity to play these amazing Sindhi Ladas. Download all these free from


Paise Te Zamano Dis - REMIX by Vijay Wadhwa

Paise Te Zamano Dis - REMIX by Vijay Wadhwa Enjoy new Remix version created by Vijay Wadhwa which is based on old movie SIndhu-a Je Kinare 1968. Directed by Dada Gobind Malhi. Original Singer: Satram Rohra & Group Music: C Arjun Lyrics: Gordhan bharti


Ale Muhinja Maruada by Annie Chatterjee - Classic Sindhi Song Remix

Ale Muhinja Maruada by Annie Chatterjee - Classic Sindhi Song Remix Sindhi Mithiri Boli - SSB 632nd Show on 14-Mar-2021, Sunday. Music Crosses all Cultural Boundaries. 1st time ever NON-Sindhi artists singing SINDHI Songs.

Keywords:Annie Chatterjee,Ale Muhinja Maruada,SSB,Sindhi Song,Remix,Classic Sindhi Song,Musical Dhamaka,Sindhi Mithiri Boli

#sindhi# #gurmukh chughria dhoom machi lal ji

this tune is of shanker mahadevans jhoom barabar jhoom when on that time I heard this tune I liked very much so I written on this tune a songfor jhulelal gurmukhh chughria 9822244307/9323656440

Keywords:jhulelal bhajan remix,sindhi bhajan,gurmukhh chughria

#sindhi# #chetichand# #gurmukh chughria sing song on #IPl# tune

this tune i like very much an imade a nice song on it

Keywords:x jhulelal remix bhajan,gurmukh,bahrana sahib

Lajari Laadi Muhinji Shahzadi لڄاري لاڏي

Wedding song- known as Laado sung in marriages of Sindhis, foot tapping music - remixed for the younger generation to enjoy their own Sindhi Laada. Sung by Payal Bhatija - Dance is by Dubai youngsters. Remix music by Jagdish Lalwani. Event organised by Asha Chand

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Ainer wade shaan saan

Sindhi Folk laado remix version - music by Jagdish Lalwani - Sung by Payal Bhatija- Produced by Asha Chand for Sindhi Sangat- Lyrics by Goverdhan Bharti

Keywords:Sindhi Laado,Sindhi Geet,sindhi Wedding Song,Ainer,Song of Ainer,Lado for Shadi,shaadi ja geet,shaadi geet,sindhi sangat,asha chand,,sindhi lada,sindhi laada,laada,New Sindhi Laada,Sindhi Song,Sindhi Dance,اِنڙ وڏي شان سان,شادي جا گيت,

Hik Son Jo Rupayo -Promo of DVD

Sindhi remix Wedding Songs are in Demand. Sindhi Sangat has brought this DVD with an idea of youngster to see and do the group performances.These dances are performed in our Shows held in Dubai. Events organised by Asha Chand for Sindhi Sangat.

Keywords:wedding songs,Ladas,Sindhi Ladas,Asha Chand,Sindhi Sangat,,Kajaal Chandiramani,Moomal Punjabi,Jagdish Lalwani,Manjushree Asudani

Ahro jo Murs Maryo

Traditional Sindhi Folk Song sung in Sindhi Weddings- HD quality for Smart TV. Sindhi Sangat brings for Sindhis remix version of folk song. Producer Asha Chand- Available in DVD titled Hik son Jo Rupayo- Excellent for Sindhi Shaadi dance

Keywords:Sindhi Sangat,Sindhi Folk songs,Ahdo Jo Murs,Ehedo Jo Murs,Asha Chand,Ahro Jo Murs,,geet for Sindhi Shaadi,Songs for Sindhi Wedding,sindhi songs,shadi song,shaadi ja geet,sindhi lada,wedding,laada,sindhi laada,New Sindhi Laada,Sindhi D

Laadi a Ji Dil Laade Saan

Sindhi Laado sung at the time of Sindhi wedding, Lyrics by Kaan Motihar, Sung by Manju Asudani, , Remix music by Jagdish Lalwani, Performed in SINDHYAT JEE SHAAM Prg held in Dubai Dec 12- Event Organised by ASHA CHAND presented by SINDHI SANGAT

Keywords:Asha Chand,Manju Asudani,Sindhi Laado Lado,Wedding songs,Remix Sindhi Lado,sindhi,Sindhi Sangat,Dubai Sindhi Show,Sindhyat,Sindhyat Jee Shaam,sindhi lada,sindhi laada,laada,New Sindhi Laada,Sindhi Songs,Sindhi Dance,Sindhi Folk Songs,لاڏي جي دل لاڏي سان,س

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