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Lajari Laadi Muhinji Shahzadi لڄاري لاڏي

Wedding song- known as Laado sung in marriages of Sindhis, foot tapping music - remixed for the younger generation to enjoy their own Sindhi Laada. Sung by Payal Bhatija - Dance is by Dubai youngsters. Remix music by Jagdish Lalwani. Event organised by Asha Chand

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Dr. Pandit Askaran Sharma - Interview

Dr. Pandit Askaran Sharma- Sindhi- is PHD in Music. He runs his music classes in Mumbai. He was heading All India Radio. Sation Director. He composed many Sindhi songs.Interviewed by Asha Chand. This was telecast in "Sindhi Surhaan" Programme on Doordrshan produced by Sindhi SUBSCRIBE NOW - Promote Sindhyat

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Ahro jo Murs Maryo

Traditional Sindhi Folk Song sung in Sindhi Weddings- HD quality for Smart TV. Sindhi Sangat brings for Sindhis remix version of folk song. Producer Asha Chand- Available in DVD titled Hik son Jo Rupayo- Excellent for Sindhi Shaadi dance

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Laadi a Ji Dil Laade Saan

Sindhi Laado sung at the time of Sindhi wedding, Lyrics by Kaan Motihar, Sung by Manju Asudani, , Remix music by Jagdish Lalwani, Performed in SINDHYAT JEE SHAAM Prg held in Dubai Dec 12- Event Organised by ASHA CHAND presented by SINDHI SANGAT

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Hojamalo - Renu Gidoomal and Zamin Ali

Renu Gidoomal and Zamin Ali singing Hojamalo song in Dubai. Program 'Hojamalo' in 2008, Organised by Asha Chand. A Sindhi Sangat Presentation. Share with others & Do subscribe We promote Sindhi through internet and media ie Television. Pls watch our 'Sindhi Sangat Kids' channel on youtube and Subscribe. Enjoy and stay connected with us!! Subscribe to Sindhi Sangat channel for Sindhi Programmes You can also visit us at Sangat Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Download for Free 'LEARN SINDHI' app on Mobile- and Learn Sindhi Website of the most illustrious Sindhi short story writer

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Mukhe Chhade wende - Children in Dubai

A fun filled performance by Sindhi kids from Dubai in Sindhyat Jee Mauj, event organised by Asha Chand Singer: Lata Bhaktani Dancers: Khushi Ramnani, Nikhil Bachani, Rithika, Jash Bherwani, Noopur Bherwani, Sonika Bhambhani, Yash Lakhwani, Viraaj Lulla, Saahil, Bhumika Shewkani

Keywords:Mukhe Chhade wende,Lata Bhaktani,Khushi Ramnani,Nikhil Bachani,Rithika,Jash Bherwani,Noopur Bherwani,Sonika Bhambhani,Yash Lakhwani,Viraaj Lulla,Saahil,Asha Chand,Sindhyat Jee Mauj,Sindhi Dance,Sindhi Music,Laada,sindhi laada songs,sindhi songs,sindhi dance songs,sindhi folk songs,New Sindhi Songs,Sindhi Geet,New Sindhi Laada,Sindhi Laado,New Sindhi Laadas

Ahro Jo Murs Sindhi Laada اهڙو جو مڙس ماريو لاڏو

Sindhi Wedding Song. Sindhi Party Song. Wedding song remixed Performance in Dubai event organised by Asha Chand- watch this is HD quality same video Singer: Kajal Chandiramani Music Jagdish Lalwani

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Hiku Sona Jo Rupayo - Sindhi Laado

Hiku Sona Jo Rupayo Popular Song of Sindhi Weddings. Event by Asha Chand for Sindhi Sangat. Remix Music by Jagdish Lalwani. Program Jhankaar on 2 Nov 2007 in Dubai. Dance by Rhitvik Dhanjani and others. DOWNLOAD :

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Rano Chho Na Murke - Sindhi Laado

Very popular Laado [song] for all the Sindhi Weddings. Lyrics by Krishin Rahi remix music by Jagdish Lalwani. Dance performed in Dubai Programme HOJAMALO in 2008. Dada Ram Jethmalani was our chief guest for the programme. Sindhi Wedding Song. This song was produced by Sindhi Sangat and handed over to TIPS company to market the same. Event organised by Asha Chand 'Rano chho Na Murke'

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Anya Ta Ghot Mao Nandhri

Dance on a Remix Laado - Anya Ta Ghot Mao Nandhri- اچان ت گهوٽ ماءٌ ننڍڙي Program Sindhyat Ja Rang held in Dubai in 2013. Event by Asha Chand. Laado sung by Payal Bhatija - Remix music by Jagdish Lalwani.

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