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AlifBe of Sindhi Food~47

The 47th alphabet of Arbaic Sindhi script is هہ in Sindhi, ह in Devanagari and 'H' in Roman Sindhi. And the corresponding dish is 'Hurb^e Jeere Mein Patata' i.e potatoes cooked in tomato gravy flavored with fenugreek seeds and Cumin seeds. Recipe on


Sindhi Alifbe #44

The 44th 'alphabet' of Arabic Sindhi Script, AlifBe is ن in Sindhi, न in Devanagari and 'N' in Roman Sindhi. N as in  Nagpur, Nagaland, Nigeria or as in Nasarpur. Check this video and other videos from AlifBe series to learn how to write in Arabic Sindhi

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Misri for AlifBe of Sindhi Food#28

The next consonant in AlifBe (Sindhi 'alphabet') is ص in Arabic Sindhi, स in Devanagari and in Roman Sindhi it is 'S', as in 'sandook'. There is no Sindhi dish starting with this ص. But it is used in the term 'Misri' and since Misri (Rock candy) is an important part of many auspicious occasions/rituals in Sindhi culture hence I picked 'Misri' for AlifBe of Sindhi food #28 To know about Sindhi customs, traditions and rituals where Mishri is used, please check my latest blog post

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Kagzi Lemon Pickle for AlifBe#23

The 23rd letter in Sindhi Alphabet (AlifBe) is  ذ   i.e  ज़  in Devanagari and in Roman Sindhi it is Z as in  Zebra ! Ideally this Z i.e ذ is used in words that are not of Sindhi Origin. This Z is known as 'Zaal' and is used in words like 'Zaro' (means 'little') or as in Kaagaz (Paper). And since there is no Sindhi Veg dish that starts with this letter, I have picked Kagzi Leemun Ji khatain~ i.e Pickle made from Kagzi lemon for this alphabet since this ذ is used in the word Kagzi!

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Dhaage Waara Karela for AlifBe of Sindhi food #19

The 19th letter of the AlifBe series is ڌ  in Arabic Sindhi, Dh~ in Roman and ध in Devanagari. Some words starting with this letter are Dharma, Dharamshala, Dholavira etc. And the corresponding dish is Dh~aag^e waara Karela (Dhaage waale Karele) or stuffed bitter gourds! For the recipe kindly check the blog post on!

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Khhoraak or Khorak for AlifBe # 17

The 17th letter in Alif Be of Sindhi food is خ which is ख़ in Devanagari (Kindly note the Nukta or the dot) and 'Khh' in Roman Sindhi. Many a times people are unable to differentiate between ख़ (with a dot) and ख (without a dot) and hence use the latter one inappropriately. The Sindhi dish starting with this letter is Khhoraak, a winter sweet! To check the recipe of Khorak please click here:

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Chhola Dab^al or Chole bread for AlifBe of Sindhi Food#16

The 16th  letter of Sindhi Alphabet, the AlifBe is ڇ or 'Chh' as in Chhattisgarh, in Roman Sindhi while छ in Devanagari. And the Sindhi dish starting with ڇ  is Chhola Dab^al (Chola Dabhal) ! It is a popular street food in Sindhi populated areas like Ulhasnagar. Chickpeas curry topped over laadi pao chunks and garnished with chutney, onion slices and sev makes it a delicious breakfast. For a detailed recipe please check this blogpost:

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J^eth Ji Sesa

The 12th consonant in Sindhi Alif Be is ڄ, a unique one, because it is used in very few languages, one of it being Sindhi (Saraiki is another language where this is used). In Roman Sindhi it is written as J^ and as ॼ in Devanagari. This time instead of a dish, I have picked a food ritual called J^eth Ji sesa! To know details of this festival and the rituals please check the following link:

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Jwar Ji Tikki for AlifBe of Sindhi Food ~11

Alif Be of Sindhi food is a series by to bridge the gap between Sindhi script and cuisine. AlifBe i.e Sindhi Alphabets consisting of 52 letters will be covered here, with one Sindhi dish starting with each letter of the alphabet. The 11 th letter/consonant of AlifBe series is  ج which is J in Roman Sindhi and ज in Devanagari. J as in Jowar, Japan, Java etc.

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Saandhano for Alif Be of Sindhi Food ~ 10

Alif Be of Sindhi food is a series by to bridge the gap between Sindhi script and cuisine. AlifBe i.e Sindhi Alphabets consisting of 52 letters will be covered here, with one Sindhi dish starting with each letter of the alphabet. The 10th alphabet is ث or S in Roman Sindhi and hence it is Saandhano for S! What exactly is a Saandhano? And what is the recipe of today's dish? To know these, just click on the link provided! Do like, subscribe our channel and share the video and we promise to keep sharing hidden gems, lost recipes and loads of information about sindhi language, food, culture and rituals!

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