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Sindhi Boli Sabhyata Sankriti

SSS is a team of young and dynamic artists who are on a mission to revive Sindhi culture through performing arts and innovative cum informative videos which is the need of the hour. We want you all not only to subscribe to our YouTube channel however refers each one has to refer 10 new subscribers to help us reach the world and I hope at least this we can do for our lovely mother tongue..... Ensure that all subscribe now and don't forget to hit the bell button..... Stay tuned..... Jai Jhulelal.

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Raksha Bandhan Hota Kya Hai?

Sindhu Sakha Sangam always tries to make citizens aware about social responsibility and teaches ethical values through its videos.In this connect here comes our second Hindi video to reach out to masses... JAI HO. Email Id:


Sindhi Rangmanch Jo Ker Promo

Sindhi Rangkarmi ji kahani, Kalakaranji Zubani. Sindhu Sakha Sangam team makes an attempt to revive Sindhi Rangmanch and make people aware the importance of performing arts to save SINDHYAT, Also intends to highlight artists concerns to the stack-holders who are popularly known as the saviors of the community. JAI JHULELAL JEEYE SINDHYAT


Dada Shivo Ramnani Documentary

Tribute to Shri Shivo Ramnani the real Harfan Maula of Sindhi Community. A Great Novelist, Qualified Teacher, Versatile Singer, Creative Actor & Director.......He was not recognized for his services however he contributed alot to the society..........See the glimpse in the documentary and share it with all Sindhis of the world that will be the perfect shradhanjali to him.


The Sindhi Drama Workshop

{ *For Sindhis Only* } Do you think you have an Actor within you ? Is your stage confidence very low ? Are you interested in theatre ? Do you want to learn behind the Curtains & On stage process of Creativity ? Are you looking for some Professional Experts to guide you ? Hurray! Why Hurray ? Because, We have got those Professional experts for you !!! Yay! We have got those Professionals to teach you : *On Stage & Camera Acting* *Scripting* *Voice Modulation* *Body Language* *Confidence & Team Building* *Dance* *Make up* *Lightning Techniques* And Many other little Hacks,Tips & Tricks These Professionals are experts of Sindhi,Hindi,& Marathi Theatre & All this is going to Happen at *The Sindhi Drama Workshop* An Exclusive workshop for Sindhi Community for Development and enrichment of Sindhi Language among Sindhi Youth So if you are an Sindhi and a Theatre enthusiast This workshop is for you. And one more thing These Professionals will teach you all this at *Free of Cost* Free of Cost ? Why ? Because This Workshop is Happening under *NCPSL* (National Council for Promotion of Sindhi Language) And the Workshop is managed by *Sindhu Sakha Sangam* Now quickly check these details : *Exclusively for Sindhi Community* *10 days free workshop* *10am to 1pm *Swami Hansumani College Hall,Netaji Chowk,Unr-04* For further queries, Contact our Coordinators +91 8623060000 +91 7875047000 +91 9322282903 +91 9819151610


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