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Sindhi Drama On Krodh | Neha Peswani And Team | Sita Sindhu Bhavan

Sindhi Drama On Krodh Performed by Neha Peswani, Deepesh Narwani, Rohit Rohra, Prerna Peswani, Vishal Dembla And Hitesh Peswani at Sita Sindhu Bhavan, Santacruz East. at Sita Sindhu Bhavan Show 582 recorded on 13-August -2017 Website:

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Mohit Karira - Sindhi Comedy, Khilan Mana Aahe - Part 19

Mohit Karira - Sindhi Comedy, Khilan Mana Aahe - Part 19 Khilan Mana Aahe - Sindhi Standup Comedy Competition - Part 19 Organiser Team: * Shobha Lalchandani * Barkha Khushalani * Amrita Lal * Mukesh Ahuja * Niroo Asrani Show organised on 5-Dec-2019 at St. Andrews Auditorium.

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Divya Jumani - Khilan Mana Aahe -Part 4

Divya Jumani from Jamshedpur - Khilan Mana Aahe - Sindhi Standup Comedy Competition - Part 3 Show organised on 5-Dec-2019 at St. Andrews Auditorium. More videos coming soon...

Keywords:Sindhi Comedy,Sindhi Standup Comedy,Sindhi,Team Sindhi Idol,Sita Sindhu Bhavan,Amrita Lal,Niroo Asrani,Divya Jumani

Kosa Kohar Khani Haliyo - Bhagat dance by Hero Parwani & Gulshan Makhija

Kosa Kohar Khani Haliyo - Bhagat dance by Hero Parwani & Gulshan Makhija (Sindhu Sakha Sangam Team) Bhagat Performance given at Sita Sindhu Bhavan during SSB Show 588 on 24th December, 2017 Singer : Govardhan Udasi ,Dilip Udasi Balak Mandali Katni

Keywords:Bhagat,Sindhi Bhagat,Sindhi Song,Sindhi Dance,Bhagat Dance,Kosa KOhar,Bhagat Kanwarram Sahib,Sacho Satram,Sita Sindhu Bhavan

Vandana Lalwani - Sindhi Laughter Challenge - Khilan Mana Aahe

Vandana Lalwani - Sindhi Laughter Challenge - Khilan Mana Aahe If your age is between 18 to 40 and you can make people laugh in Sindhi the you can send your comedy recording by uploading it on youtube and sending link here: or send it on e-mail Last date to receive the videos: 10-Oct-2019 Concept : Amrita Lal Team : Shobha Lalchandani, Barkha Khushalani Laughter Event will be held on 5-December-2019 in Mumbai.

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Jungle Hotel, Ulhasnagar-4 completed 50 years

Famous Jungle Hotel in Ulhasnagar-4 completed 50 years We must help our Sindhi brothers & Sisters in promoting and growing their business.

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Khili Khoon Wadayo - Child Stealing Joke

Lavin Arts Presents: Sindhi Tahikan Ji Tokri. Sindhi Jokes VCD (2 Discs) Only for Rs. 70 Call: Krishna Music, 46, Near M.G. High School, Jaripatka, Nagpur(MS)440014, INDIA. Krishna Music Video CD Writer: Kishore Lalwani Writer: Dolan Rahi Writer: Mahesh Sharma


Dal Jo Chilro| Savory pancakes from Leftover Dal

Whenever there would be some leftover mung dal, this is what Ma, my MIL would make. The dal when refrigerated over night would get dense ( else she would boil the leftover dal, till dense) and she would add besan or atta for the binding. Chilro or savory pancakes were then made by cooking portions of this on a hot tawa, on low heat. Hubby loves this and hence I often make some extra mung dal for dinner to make the chilra for next morning breakfast. I mostly add suji ( Semolina) instead of besan as it makes the pancakes more crispy. Also adding a tbsp of hot ghee to the batter renders a lovely flavor to the crisp pancake. You can add some more salt, pepper etc, if required. You can have it with Roti, bread or as it is. Some chutney or ketchup goes well with the Chilra. For more authentic, traditional and homestyle Sindhi recipes do check the following links: Join me at Instagram @Facebook : SindhiRasoi #dal #leftovers #pancakes


Matar Pao| Kaala Vatana Chaat|Sindhi street food|Dried black peas and Pao chaat

Matar Pao or the black vatana chaat is a classic street food dish from Ulhasnagar, my home town! It is made by cooking dried black peas (Kaala Matar/Vatana) with salt and water and the curry is generally flavoured with just pepper. A spicier version is made by adding garam masala powder by many vendors. Some make it in onion gravy as well. You must try Matar Pao from Ulhasnagar Camp 5. During Chaliha Festival you will get Satvik version of this chaat (Without onions and garlic). Instead of pao, boiled arbi, potatoes could be used to make the chaat. Text recipe on the blog Green Chutney Recipe: Home made Special Chaat masala recipe: For more traditional and authentic Sindhi vegetarian, vegan recipes, check Join me at Instagram @Facebook : SindhiRasoi #matarchaat #sindhifood #matarpao

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Chai and Jeera Biscuit is love. Agree?

Chai + Jeera biscuit is love!! Pata nahin log chai ke saath cake, pastry, cookies kaise khate hain. For me it has to be something savory to munch upon, with tea. And when it comes to indulging, Khari biscuits, Chakli, Banana wafers and Jeera biscuits tend to be my weakness Raise your hands if you belong to the chai- namkeen gang. What's your favorite companion with tea? #chai #tea #namkeen #jeerabiscuits #cumin #munchies #bachpankapyar #chaibisket


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