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Interview with Deepak Keswani (Radio Sindhi) by Gemini Dhar from Entrepreneur Excel

FaceBook Live Interview was done with Deepak Keswani (Radio Sindhi) by Gemini Dhar from Entrepreneur Excel on 18th February 2020 at 2pm. This is the same recording uploaded with small edit. Thanks to Gemini Dhar and Entrepreneur Excel for all the motivation and efforts. you can tune into the Radio Sindhi Stations through this link

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Rutha Hi Rahan Par Hujan Hayati, Ustad Barkat Ali at Sadh Belo, Sukkur Sindh

Master Chander Sahib Song "Rutha Hi Rahan Par Hujan Hayati" by Ustad Barkat Ali at Sadh Belo, Sukkur Sindh on 13th December, 2020, Sunday. Thanks to Ustad Barkat Ali Saheb for organising this event at Sadh Belo in memory of Dada Thakur Chawla and Dada Kanayalal Lalwani who played key role at Sita Sindhu Bhavan

Keywords:Master Chander,Sadh Belo,Sadhu Belo,Sindh,Sukker,Barkat Ali,Thakur Chawla,Kanyalal Lalwani,Sita Sindhu Bhavan

Pyaree Jhirkee by Mehkoo & Nimo | Poet Parsram Zia

Pyaree Jhirkee, Poem sung by two little girls Mehkoo & Nimo. Must Listen to them for 2 minutes. Mazo Achan jee Guarantee. Thanks to Asha Chand for organising Sindhi Nursery Rhymes competitions in Schools. That's how they learned this. This video was shot without any preparation but turned out to be exciting & funny :) Poet Parsram Zia

Keywords:Sindhi Baet,Parsram Zia,Sindhi Nursery Rhymes,Mehkoo,Nimo,Jhirkee

Book a FREE Vaccine near your home - Secret Tricks Explained

In case you're trying to book COVID19 vaccine and finding it difficult to do so, watch this short video. It will help you to book the vaccine using some simple steps. So much knowledge related to the vaccination process is shared only in 9 minutes. The objective behind this video is to help the Sindhi Community to learn the technical process involved in making a booking to get vaccinated in very simple layman's language. Get vaccinated to safeguard yourself and your family members. Once a majority of the population is vaccinated, we will have confidence to go out freely and carry out our business as usual. What is the Corona Virus situation currently? How has it affected the Sindhi Community? How can Vaccination help us to come out of this situation? How do we use Cowin Portal? The video comes with details and an on-screen guide. How many types of Vaccines are available in India? We have shared details about Covishield, Covaxin & Sputnik Vaccines. How do we use the Telegram app to instantly book desired vaccine at the desired location? link to Cowin portal : link to above 45 telegram channel : link to under 45 telegram channel : Thank you so much for viewing this video and sharing it with friends & Family. Thanks to Alka Keswani & Amrita Lal for reviewing the video so many times and giving feedback. Thanks to Sindhyat Foundation having trust & support. Presenter: Deepak Keswani/Radio Sindhi. Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License #Covid19 #Vaccination #Cowin

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Supnan ji Sindh - In Search of my Roots - A Poetry Film by Sangeeta Bapuli

Supnan ji Sindh - In Search of my Roots - A Poetry Film by Sangeeta Bapuli In Memory of her grandparents, Late Tulsi Jaisingh, Late Putli Hardasi, Late Hardayalmal V Jaisingh, Late Naraindas Hardasi, Kolkata Sindhi Theatre Lovers Presents Introducing Rakshika Jaisingh, Playback Singers: Mohit Budhwani, Shivani Vaswani Direction: Souptick C Music Arrangement: Rajdeep Guhathakurata Executive Producer: Ranieeta Dash DOP: Sombhadra Mukherjee Editing & Color: Surajit Makeup & Hair Artist: Arup Halder Tecnical Support: Chander Hardasi, Abhiroop Banerjee Media Partner: Radio Sindhi, Deepak Keswani Special Thanks: Mohan Gehani, Ram Jawhrani, Asha Chand, Das Dhiraj Saeen, Ravi Tekchandani, Shrikant Bhatia, Mohini Bhawnani, Vimmi Sadarangani, Arjan Sobhrajmal Nankani, Sahib Bijani, Narayan Bablani, Barkha Khushalani, Kishan Ramnani, Sonu Vishnani, Nikhil Rajpal, Nandu Asrani (We The Sindhis), Jaishree Thawani, Ajeet Manyal, Mahesh Malkani, Murli Panjabi, Satish Raghani, Meera Jaisingh & So many more...

Keywords:Sangeeta Bapuli,Sangeeta Jaisingh,Rakshika Jaisingh,Kolkata Konnection,Kolkata Theatre Lovers,Supnan Ji Sindh,Souptick C,Rajdeep Guhathakurata,Ranieeta Dash,Sombhadra Mukherjee,Surajit,Arup Halder,Chander Hardasi,Abhiroop Banerjee,Radio Sindhi,Deepak Keswani

Sindhu Award 2016 to Radio Sindhi | DD Sahyadri | Sahyog Sahyadri

Radio Sindhi received most prestigious Sahyog Sahyadri Sindhu Award 2016 recently. Deepak Keswani received this for non stop 24 hrs service to Sindhi community through Radio Sindhi. Thanks to Dr. Ram Jawhrani from Sahyog Foundation & Sahyadri Channel for recognizing Radio Sindhi at this stage.

Keywords:Deepak Keswani,Sindhu Awards 2016,Sahyog Foundation,Sahyadri Channel,paintal

Sindhi Language in Mohenjo Daro Movie

Sindhi Language is used in Mohenjo Daro Movie. Producer/Director Ashutosh Gowarikar answers the question and also thanks in Sindhi... Don't forget, Mohenjo Daro is releasing on 12-Aug-2016.

Keywords:Mohenjo Daro,Sindhi in Movie,Sindhi words

Sindhi Palav by Manjushree Assudani Tejwani - Sindhi Prayer

Sindhi Palav by Manjushree Assudani Tejwani - Sindhi Prayer In picturisation along with palav you get the glimpses of Jhulelal Sain & Sindhi Saints Dada JP Vaswani, Sadhu Vaswani, Sai Sadhram Sahib, Bhagat Kanwarram Sahib, Sai Chanduram Sahib, Sain Vasanshah Singer: Manjushree Assudani Tejwani Video: Raja Awasthi Photography & Team Music: Jatin Vaswani Special Thanks to M.P. Assudani, Mohit Shewani & Raj Tejwani

Keywords:Manjushree,Manjushree Assudani,Manjushree Assudani Tejwani,Sindhi Palav,Palav,Sindhi Prayer,Jhulelal,Sai Sadhram Sahib,Sai Vasan Shah,Sacho Satram,Dada Shyam,Dada Vaswani,Sadhu Vaswani,Bhagat Kanwarram,Jatin Vaswani

Yadgiriyoon Sambhaal, Tribute to Dada Thakur Chawla, SSB Show #627

Paru Thakur Family Trust presentation, SSB Live show 627th, The Show must go on 13th December, 2020, Sunday From 12 noon, Yadgiriyoon Sambhaal. Tribute to Dada Thakur Chawla on his 7th Varsi from & Dada Kanayalal Lalwani. Special Tribute by Niroo Asrani, Sindhi Ghazals & Kalams by Ustad Barkat Ali & Pooja Vazirani. Muhurat of Sipoon Issue. Usatad Barkat Ali Sahib performed at Sadhu Bela Mandir, Sukkur. Thanks to his family members, caretaker of Sadhu Bela Mandir for support. Thanks to Police commissioner of Sukkur for giving permission for this historic event.

Keywords:Yadgiriyoon Sambaal,Barkat Ali,Dada Thakur Chawla,Kanaylal Lalwani,Dada Kanayalal Lalwani,Thakur Chawla,Sadh Belo,Sadhu Belo,Sukkur,Sindh,Sita Sindhu Bhavan,Paru Thakur

Sacho Satram Mast Aa - SSB 624 program - 11-Oct-20 at 12 noon

Sacho Satram Mast Aa - SSB 624 program - 11-Oct-20 at 12 noon Celebrating 624th programme on the auspicious birthday month of Sacho Saeen Satramdas and Saeen Sadhram Sahib, Divine message by Saeen Sadhram Sahib Thanksgiving: Dr. Gurmukh Jagwani Vishni Israni Amrita Lal Lavi Bhagat Soumya Panjwani

Keywords:Sai Sadhram,SSD,Sacho Satram,Aarohi Lal,Soumya Panjwani,Lavi Bhagat,Vishni Israni,Amrita Lal

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