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Huyum Naaz Jahin Tey - Bulo C Rani - Abana (1958)

Nande Lakoon Jahin Saa Muhabat Jo Naato, Unahia Sangdil Keena Munkhey Sunjato Uha Pyar mein Bad Gumani Thee Paida Muhabat Jey Badran Mothal Ver Paato Age Ja Hui Preet Pyari Kithe Aa Huyum Naaz Jahin Tey Sa Yaari Kithe Aa by Bulo C Rani - Abana (1958)

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Day3-One Global Sindhi Utsav Grand Cheti Chand Virtual Mela

One Global Sindhi Utsav Grand Cheti Chand Virtual Mela - DAY 1 17TH APRIL 7.30 PM IST Compering Kishin Ramnani, Heena Shahdadpuri Performances by Soumya Panjwani, Nachography, Saral Roshan, Seema Motwani, Palav by: Vishni Israni Bhagat Guests:Dr. Roshni Tolani, Poonam Kukreja, Deepak Keswani, Satish & Nisha Raisinghiani, Heena Shahdadpuri, Dr. Bharati Chhabria 00:00 Event begins 2:18 Heena Shahdadpuri’s entry 4:24 Kishin Ramnani’s entry 9:28 Dr Roshni Tolani’s entry 10:40 Jhulelal Ji Aarti 16:03 Shankar Lalwani’s Chetichand wishes and message 20:20 Poonam Kukreja’s entry 22:25 1st Quiz question 24:20 Soumya Panjwani’s entry 26:46 Sindhin Ja mela 34:50 Janam Manayo Mili Mauj machayo 37:00 Tuhinjee meher vasethi 38:59 Dulha Dariya shah muhinji bhedi paar lagaye jaan 41:00 Bhedi waara ada re mohana 42:30 Cheti chand jo deenh aayo 52:45 Amrita Lal asks 2nd Question 58:52 Dance performance on Alay Je chhame raazi aa by Naachography team from Manila Hik Son Jo Rupayo 1:02 Dance performance on Lal Meri Pat by Naachography team from Manila 1:04 Nisha Raisinghani asks 3rd Quiz Question 1:08 Prem Talks about Chej 1:20:49 Comedy by Seema Motwani 1:35:06 Deepak Keswani of RadioSindhi asks 4th quiz question 1:39:00 Saral Roshan’s entry 1:43:15 Shukar Jhulelal Tuhinjo By Saral Roshan 1:49:30 Tuhinje Sheher mein aayum Kismet saan by Saral Roshan 1:54:25 Sindhi Abani Boli by Saral Roshan 2:03:26 Jiyan Muhinja Sindhi by Saral Roshan 2:08:20 Lal Mukhe maalamaal kayoh by Saral Roshan 2:15:40 Wafai Ja putla Vafadaar Sindhi by Saral Roshan 2:25:00 Bharati Chhabria announces winners of quiz 2:33:36 Palav by Vishni Israni


Part 4: Ishq Badhayum Pattiyun by Saral Roshan - Master Chander Show 2014

"Ishq Badhayum Pattiyun" by Saral Roshan at Sur Chander Ja, Raat Chander Jee at Rangsharda Auditorium on 11-Jan-2014. This is to celebrate 107th Birth Anniversary of Sangeet Acharya Master Chander who is well known as Legend of Sindhi Music. More details available at

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How many of these can you identify/name?

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Sindhi Breakfast: Sindhi Neran aahe Mazedar

Sindhi Breakfast is very tasty and through this we are introducing these kind of Skits for our viewers to know about Sindhi food. If you can make skits like these, Contact Us. If you can think of introducing other items of daily life in this manner do let us know. Karishma and Chirag Lakhiani have played roles of mother and a son. Script by Moomal Punjabi Pics of Breakfasts courtesy by httpa//

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HOLI SPECIAL GUJIYA | #holi2022 #youtubeshorts #sindhimithai

PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL: it would mean the world to us! Find us on social media: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Write to us at: Thank you for watching and subscribing. We appreciate your time and feedback :) Much love, team SFF.

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7 pioneers, 7 episodes! We are so so happy to share with you our labour of love, our tribute to Partition and our interpretation of it given the present times! Presenting to you "Sindhi Pathbreakers: Partition Special Series." Here's our fifth episode with the amazing pathbreaker when it comes to making Sindhi food popular and accessible: Mohit Chotrani. He owns a Sindhi delivery kitchen called "The Sindhi Kitchen" in Santacruz, Mumbai and this month, he celebrated the one year anniversary of The Sindhi Kitchen. We talked about why he chose to open a Sindhi delivery kitchen and not a restaurant instead, what differentiates his dishes from what we ( / Sindhis) have at home, why Santacruz, where he's headed and the discounts he'll give to our audience if they order from his delivery kitchen haha! We truly find him to be such an inspiration! We are so, so proud of him for making such yummy Sindhi food and making a career out of his passion! Hope you like and enjoy the series as much as we did producing it for you :) We look forward to your feedback in the comments below. Find us on social media: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Write to us at: Thank you for watching and subscribing. We appreciate your time and feedback :) Much love, team SFF.

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As part of Cheti Chand 2019 celebrations, Bhavna Rajpal really wanted to have a nice Sindhi meal with her friends & family. Lo & behold! She found out that Jyoti Vishnani, an amazing chef & a wonderful person had collaborated with the Punjab Grill to curate a "Sindhi food special" menu. Titled as 'Sindhi Da Swad', this food festival at the Punjab Grill was on for a week and Bhavna Rajpal had the good fortune to be able to make it to the food festival just on time! Please come along to watch this video, be warned, there is a lot of yummy, delicious looking food in this video! haha! We look forward to your feedback in the comments below :) don't forget to mention what your favourite Sindhi dish is! Find us on social media: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Write to us at: Thank you for watching and subscribing. We appreciate your time and feedback :) Much love, team SFF.

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Yummy SUNDAY | Sindhi Comedy | Ho Jamaalo | Sunil & Roshni Hotwani

Sindhis have a list of Special Delicious Dishes. How about if every Sunday is a Special Day like Dal Pakwan Day? Watch the Sindhi Funny Video by Sunil & Roshni Hotwani (Ho Jamaalo) #DalPakwanDay #SindhiFood #HusbandWifeJokes

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Lockdown Cooking | Tu Hute Maa Hite | Part 3 | Sindhu Sakha Sangam |

#TuHuteMaaHite #LockdownSpecial Yummy!! yummy!!! Many of us are spending this lockdown by working on their hobbies!! Some are creating music, some playing games..but the most common thing that we see on social media is Cooking!!! Sabke andar Ka Master Chef jaag chuka hai!!! Let's see how our Cute couple separated by lockdown is spending time!!! Don't forget to Hit the like button, Press the bell icon and Most important To subscribe the channel "Sindhu Sakha Sangam"


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