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Sindhyat Jo Jazbo Live Streaming سنڌيت جو جذبو


Sindhyat Jo Jazbo Event organized by Asha Chand on 30th Jan 2022 at Shaikh Rashid Auditorium, Dubai. Sindhi Sangat has been organizing every year for past 20 years such an event in Dubai. This was our 21st cultural show. We every year invite on Singer for India and once from Sindh. Mohit Lalwani from Hind and Humera Channa from Sindh, along with Bhagat Ghanshyam and KD, made our program an outstanding program which people will not forget. Share with others & Do subscribe Asha Chand starts the show Humera Channa sings Shah Lateef Ja Dohiras @4:57 Asha Introduces Mohit Lalwani @14:01 Mohit Sings Aandhi a mein Jyot... @21:00 Mohit Sings Dil Tuhinji Muhinji... @24:46 Asha Introduces Humera Channa @27:54 Humera Channa Sings Dil dije dilwaran Khe.. @ 37:25 Humera Sings Sindh Wara Yaad Tha Kani @43:06 Asha introduces Duet Song by Mohit and Humera - Tokhe Kasam Bahar Jo @44:36 Mohit and Humera sings Duet song - Tokhe Kasam Bahar Jo @49:00 Asha Introduces KD for Comedy @51:16 KD does Comedy item @1:08:24 Asha Introduces Humera Channa @1:11:12 Humera Starts Melo aa Lyric by Dholan Rahi @1:20:54Humera sings Laado Paavli/Laung/Mor @1:26:34 Asha Introduces Bhagat Ghanshyam @1:32:48 Bhagat Starts Ghanshyam @2:13:12 Introduces Mohit Lalwani @2:14:50 Jhulelal Medley by Mohit @2:20:56 Mohit sings Duhal Damaman saan Endaseen @ 2:24:03 Lagi aa Lagi Aa Dil tosan Lai aa by Mohit @2:29:59 Introduces KD for his comedy @2:31:21 KD starts comedy @2:45:03 Asha introduces Humera Again @2:46:42 Humera sings RAANO- lyrics by Shah Lateef @2:54:12 Asha Introduces Mohit for Lal Muhinji Pat Rakhij @2:56:56 Mohit sings Lal Muhinji @3:02:45 Asha Introduces Hojamalo by All @3:02:46 Hojamalo Starts and Ends with introduction of all the Artists, volunteers & thanking Musicians. Ends We promote Sindhi through the internet and media i.e Television. visit to view all the content so far produced by us Pls watch our 'Sindhi Sangat Kids' channel on youtube and Subscribe. htt


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