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The Sindhi Drama Workshop


{ *For Sindhis Only* } Do you think you have an Actor within you ? Is your stage confidence very low ? Are you interested in theatre ? Do you want to learn behind the Curtains & On stage process of Creativity ? Are you looking for some Professional Experts to guide you ? Hurray! Why Hurray ? Because, We have got those Professional experts for you !!! Yay! We have got those Professionals to teach you : *On Stage & Camera Acting* *Scripting* *Voice Modulation* *Body Language* *Confidence & Team Building* *Dance* *Make up* *Lightning Techniques* And Many other little Hacks,Tips & Tricks These Professionals are experts of Sindhi,Hindi,& Marathi Theatre & All this is going to Happen at *The Sindhi Drama Workshop* An Exclusive workshop for Sindhi Community for Development and enrichment of Sindhi Language among Sindhi Youth So if you are an Sindhi and a Theatre enthusiast This workshop is for you. And one more thing These Professionals will teach you all this at *Free of Cost* Free of Cost ? Why ? Because This Workshop is Happening under *NCPSL* (National Council for Promotion of Sindhi Language) And the Workshop is managed by *Sindhu Sakha Sangam* Now quickly check these details : *Exclusively for Sindhi Community* *10 days free workshop* *10am to 1pm *Swami Hansumani College Hall,Netaji Chowk,Unr-04* For further queries, Contact our Coordinators +91 8623060000 +91 7875047000 +91 9322282903 +91 9819151610


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