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The Awakening is the story of a young girl, Sindhu, living a life of great confusion being struck between a great cultural divide. Born to a Sindhi family, who had migrated to New York's East Village some 20 years back, Sindhu strives and misses her family. Being a archeological student, she feels drawn to the Indus Valley Civillization and discovers that she was a part of this great existence. She further discovers the after math of the partition of India, which led to total disintegration of this great lineage and sets herself in the quest of her own roots. Getting to know that her granny was living a secluded life in the qualms of Mumbai, she travels all the way to hold back her family and revisits her own roots. As they say- you can take a man awey from his roots-but you can never take the roots away from a man. AKHAND SINDHU SANSAR Mob. 9893040175


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