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Anila Sunder's Photo

Anila Sunder (Classical Dancer)

City: Mumbai

State: Maharashtra

Country: India

Birthday: 11 Nov

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Details of the Artist:

Anila Sunder is famous for her Dance Performances across the world on many ballets designed by her. She started performing Kathak and Sindhi Dance forms from year 1971 and performed in many places like London, Nigeria, Lagos, Accra & Sweden, Oslo, Copenhagen, Amsterdam & Luxembourg. She has given more than 1000 performances globally.

Video's of Anila Sunder:

Teejri at Lokeshwar Mandir, Thane - Sindhyat Foundation

Oo Suhina - Richa Sharma - Pyar Kare Dis

Sindhu Dhara - Trimurti of Sindh

Sindhu Dhara - Origin of Akbar

Sindhu Dhara - Dance

Sindhu Dhara - Shiv Parvati

Sindhu Dhara (VCD): Birth of Jhulelal

Anila Sunder's Group perfomed Peacock Dance at St. Andrews, Bandra in Murk Publication Program.

Anila Sunder Varee Diyaree Ayee

Anila Sunder Chej & Palav Singers Satram Rohra Bhagwanti Navani and C Lakhmechand

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