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Anila Sunder (Director, Choreographer)




Birthday: 11 Nov

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Anila Sunder is a director and choreographer of Sindhi dance ballets during the last 25 years. At the age of 7, Anila was assertive of what she wanted to be a Dancer. By the age of 11, she passed her examination in Kathak dancing from Prayag Sangeet Samiti, Allahabad. She complited her education and passed with master's degree in Clinical Psychology and even had a short stint at Jai Hind College as Lecturer. In 1977, she was invited to participate in the festival of Dance and Music in Tehran, Iran. Her fame began to radiate far and wide alongside the western Asia.

Video's of Anila Sunder:

Sindhu - Anila Sunder performs in Dubai - Hojamalo

Moomal Jee Maaree - Anila Sunder in Dubai

Anila Sunder Interview Part - 1

Sindhu Dhara - Dance - Director: Anila Sunder

Sindhu Dhara - Shiv Parvati - Director: Anila Sunder

Sindhu Dhara - Trimurti of Sindh - Director: Anila Sunder

Sindhu Dhara - Origin of Akbar - Director: Anila Sunder

Sindhu Dhara (VCD): Birth of Jhulelal - Director: Anila Sunder

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