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Wednesday, August 10, 2022 - Thought of the Day - اڄُ جو ويچار

سنت ٻين جي عزت بچائڻ لاى پنهنجو اپمان بـ سهن ٿا. هو بادلن جيان ٻين جي مٿان ديا جي برسات وسائين ٿا

Roman: Sant biyan jee izzat bachain lai pahinjo apmaan bhi sahan tha. Hoo badalan jyaan biyan je mathan daya jee barsaat vasaain tha.

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Sindhi Tipno 2020 - 2021 is very handy app available for iPhone and Android mobile phones. Sindhi Tipno 2017-2018 is Calendar with dates and events for Sindhi Community. One can track the Movement of Moon, Gyaras, Umaas and Tithis in every month. There is also mention of Birthdays, Varsis of Saints, Sindhi Festivals.

Notations & descriptions are in Sindhi Arabic, Sindhi Devanagiri & English all together, which makes this calendar truly International.

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Thanks to Pankaj Thadani who developed the Android version of Sindhi Tipno 2017-2018

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Thanks to Amit Parpiyani, who helped in developing Music API.

25-Oct-2019 07:49 am
Jai jhulelal. Can anyone post a song - Je tun jawan ahin je dil jawan ahe Narender Thakur

14-Apr-2019 12:50 am
Hello to all Sindhi brothers..

17-Dec-2018 04:33 pm
It is really great experience to listen live sindhi vintage collection of songs any time thank you radio sindhi

12-Dec-2018 04:34 pm
Excellent website, love to serve our community, Please visit my you tube channel for Sindhi Kathas And festivals. #kkk

12-May-2018 09:13 am
Updating in my profile failed please resolve it

08-May-2018 08:22 am

15-Nov-2017 10:11 pm
Nice JOB for we, i like it for our culture

01-Jul-2017 04:30 pm
Revolutionary Idea for bringing Sindhi Culture on Internet and can spread across the world.

31-May-2017 12:53 pm
Proud to be sindh.. And very nice website for knowledge and learning about sindhi.. Jai jhuly lal


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