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We at are committed to integrate & unite all the usefull information about Sindhi Culture, Customs, Rituals & Language. Years back Sindhi community was forced to disperse across the globe. Most of the other communities who had been granted with homeland progressed extensively in last 7 decades. Sindhis have suffered the most during the same time. On the soil or far off, circumstances were no different. We have struggled for four generations to recover from the jolt of partition. Now that we are waking up from coma, we find this world an alien place and find that hardly anybody cares for our heritage.

Our effort is to provide a virtual ground to all the Sindhis, so that they can promote their creations, innovations and get recognized at a large scale.

Sindhyat plans to archive all the resourceful Sindhi websites here on this site. We assure that these are viewed by leading search engines so that they become famous very fast. We make our search engine indexing expertise available to the sites registering at

We make sure your creation becomes famous fast and reaches out to millions of people around the Globe

If you share the vision like ours, we highly recommend you to refer us in emails or add our logo on your website. was earlier known as Originally it started with the name of is an initiative by Sindhyat Foundation. If you are touched by our work and would like to support us by sponsoring our work, you can do so by visiting Sindhyat Foundation page.

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WIN the Sindhian Magazine

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