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Ashok Sundrani's Photo

Ashok Sundrani (Comedian)

City: Nagod

State: Madhya Pradesh

Country: India

Birthday: 19 Sep

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Details of the Artist:

He is from Satna, Madhya Pradesh, India. He became famous with his stand up comedy show Great India Laughter Challenge performed in front of Navjot Singh Siddu and Shekhar Suman. He also visited Dubai to perform standup comedy in Sindhi in 2007 and 2008 for Sindhi Sangat Show.

Video's of Ashok Sundrani:

Sindhi Comedy by Ashok Sundrani

Ashok Sundrani - Sindhi Comedy Part 2

Ashok Sundrani Sindhi Comedy in Dubai - Part 1

Jhalak Sindhyat Jee - Event 2018

Ashok Sundrani Sindhi Jokes 1 HD

Sindhi Comedy by Ashok Sundrani & Seema motwani at our dubai event Jhankar.

Pati Patni ain Hua - Skit in Sindhi Surhaan TV Prgoram

Fun filled episode with jokes & songs

Ashok Sundrani Comedy in Sindhi - 7

Ashok Sundrani Comedy in Sindhi - 6

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