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Achjain Amarlal Achjain 
Sindhi Songs of Jhulelal 
Singer(s): Jethalal Chughria,Gurmukh Chughria, Kunal Chughria & Teena 
Format: ACD 
Release: 2005 

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IDSong TitleOperations
1 Achjain Aamrlal Achjain 
 By Gurmukh Chughria,
2 Jhulan Je Maher 
 By Jethalal Chughria,
3 Dindo Amiri 
 By Teena,
4 Adi Hal Ta Halaon 
 By Jethalal Chughria,
5 Tu Bhi hao 
 By Jethalal Chughria, Gurmukh Chughria,
6 Jiye Muhinji Sindh 
 By Teena, Gurmukh Chughria,
7 Jotiyun Waro Aayo 
 By Jethalal Chughria,
8 Maa Aayan Mastani 
 By Teena,
9 Jhulelal Aarti 
 By Gurmukh Chughria,
10 Palav by Jethalal Chughria 
 By Jethalal Chughria,


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