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Bhagwanti Nawani Vol 2 
Bhagwanti Nawani is well known voice for Sindhi songs. She had left prominent mark on Sindhi Music. These are personal recording collection owned by Indian Institute of Sindhology. 
Singer(s): Bhagwanti Nawani 
Format: ACD 
Release: 1971 

(All the 10 songs are available for Playing and Downloading (Courtesy:


Indian Institute of Sindhology
Post Box No. 10, Ward 4A, Adipur, (Kutch) - 370 205, Gujarat-India.

'' Lyrics

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IDSong TitleOperations
1 Sakhi Sabajhal Baj Kayo Ka 
 By Bhagwanti Nawani,
2 Tuhinje Ganj mein aa Kami Kan Kaee 
 By Bhagwanti Nawani,
3 Kin Khe Soora Ta Kin Khe Poora 
 By Bhagwanti Nawani,
4 Vaga Sajana Tuhinje as 
 By Bhagwanti Nawani,
5 Barochahu Vo Yar 
 By Bhagwanti Nawani,
6 Nanhna Nimania Da 
 By Bhagwanti Nawani,
7 Varyun Manjh Jayas Ala 
 By Bhagwanti Nawani,
8 Rat Muakam Roee 
 By Bhagwanti Nawani,
9 Char Padarath Pina 
 By Bhagwanti Nawani,
10 Charkha Pa naee Pya Churanda 
 By Bhagwanti Nawani,


03-Nov-2019 09:43 am
kamla keswani ko bhi ad karo her famouse song " dil dije dil waran khe"

16-Apr-2019 10:27 pm
Kamla keswani ko bhi ad karo