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Maan Bhi Chandur Khei Ghayan 
Master Chander songs in voice of Kishin Juriani 
Singer(s): Kishin Juriani 
Format: ACD 
Release: 2003 

(8 Full Audio Songs available for playing and download)


Raj Music Party,
105, Keswani Complex, Ulhanagar-421003, Phone: 9324364000

Raj Music Party, 105, Keswani Complex, Ulhanagar-421003

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IDSong TitleOperations
1 Malik Tun 
 By Kishin Juriani,
2 Rutha Hi Rahan 
 By Kishin Juriani,
3 Aahe Yaar Ta 
 By Kishin Juriani,
4 Tuhinje Shahar Mein 
 By Kishin Juriani,
5 Vah Vah Re Gada 
 By Kishin Juriani,
6 Tu Mein Ahe Muhinjo 
 By Kishin Juriani,
7 Nandri Nandri 
 By Kishin Juriani,
8 Sij Ubhir Na Tun 
 By Kishin Juriani,