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Sindhi DJ Lada 
Sindhi Songs DJ Lada Mix for Sindhi Wedding / Shaadi 
Singer(s): Lata Bhagtani 
Format: ACD 
Release: 2003 

(All the tracks are available free for listening and downloading)



Sonu Vishnani

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IDSong TitleOperations
1 Rakh Sandhuliyate Per 
 By Lata Bhagtani,
2 Muhinjo Daroo Dawa 
 By Lata Bhagtani,
3 Muhinja Vanya Lada 
 By Lata Bhagtani,
4 Jiye Muhinjee Sind 
 By Lata Bhagtani,
5 Lal Muhinjee Pat 
 By Lata Bhagtani,
6 Mukhe Chhade Vende 
 By Lata Bhagtani,
7 Hik Sonjo Rupayo 
 By Lata Bhagtani,
8 Tuhinjee Sanree Khamees 
 By Lata Bhagtani,


03-Oct-2019 06:49 am
Very good collection