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Sindhi Sufi Kalam and Geet 
Sindhi Sufi Kalam & Geet 
Singer(s): Dewan Motihar, Jaya Vidhani, Lajja Bhatia, Kan Motihar, Uma Lalla, Arjun Motihar, Nalini Haryani, Rani Gidwani 
Format: ACD 
Release: 1991 

(All the tracks are available free for listening and downloading)


Kan Motihar, Dewan Motihar

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IDSong TitleOperations
1 Khushee Dinden 
 By Dewan Motihar,
2 Mohinjo Muhib 
 By Jaya Vidhani,
3 Wag Dhani 
 By Lajja, Jaya,
4 Mahboob Golhe Dis 
 By Kan Motihar,
5 Aap Sadainde Fakir 
 By Kan Motihar,
6 Jahinjo Nalo Allah 
 By Dewan Motihar,
7 O Muhinja Sai 
 By Uma Lalla,
8 Pech Gandhe Waen 
 By Uma Lalla,
9 Pyar Karan 
 By Arjun Motihar,
10 Hit Moomal Mandi 
 By Nalini Haryani,
11 Sach Sach Chau Tu 
 By Nalini Haryani,
12 Kanka Sabhin Khe 
 By Rani Gidwani,
13 Kadahn Huna San 
 By Rani Gidwani,