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Songs of Sindhi Festivals 
Collection of Sindhi Festival Songs written by Shri M. Kamal (Mulchand Bindrani) (1925-2010). Ballet Dance on these songs has been performed in India and abroad by Smt. Anila Sunder and her group. Narration by Popti Hiranandani & Anila Sunder. Music by C. Lakhmichand 
Singer(s): C Lakhmichand, Sushma Shreshtha, Bhagwanti Nawani, Kamla Jhangiani, Chetan 
Format: ACD 
Release: 1985 

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Shri M Kamal (Mulchand Bindrani)

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IDSong TitleOperations
1 Jhulelal Aarti 
 By C Lakhmichand, Sushma Shreshtha,
2 Prarthna of Jhulelal - Instrumental 
 By C Lakhmichand,
3 Palav Jhulelal Sain 
 By Bhagwanti Navani, C Lakhmichand,
4 Thadri 
 By Sushma Shreshtha, Kamla Jhangiani,
5 Teejri 
 By C Lakhmichand, Sushma Shreshtha,
6 Chand Mehr Kar Ajju 
 By Sushma Shreshtha,
7 Diyari 1 - Jyotiyun Chamkan Thiyun 
 By Bhagwanti Navani,
8 Diyari 2-Track 2 
 By Kamla Jhangiani,
9 Diyari 3- Track 3 
 By Kamla Jhangiani,
10 Diyari 4 - Jyotiyun Chamkan Thiyun 
 By C Lakhmichand, Sushma Shreshtha,
11 Utraan 
 By C Lakhmichand, Chetan,
12 Basant Panchmi 
 By C Lakhmichand,
13 Holi 
 By C Lakhmichand, Sushma Shreshtha,