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Anmol Vani ACD 
Collection of Sindhi and Hindi Songs sung by Kanu Ratan Butani. Music by Sameer Khole. 
Singer(s): Kanu Ratan Butani 
Format: ACD 
Release: 2015 

(All the 6 songs are available for Listening & Download.)


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IDSong TitleOperations
1 Alai Je Chaa Mein Raazi Aa 
 By Kanu Ratan Butani,
2 Sab Kan Tuhinji Sarha 
 By Kanu Ratan Butani,
3 Sakhi Sabajhal Bhaj 
 By Kanu Ratan Butani,
4 O Muhinje Piyari 
 By Kanu Ratan Butani,
5 Mata Pita Chalisa - Hindi 
 By Kanu Ratan Butani,
6 Ram Naam Sumarle Manva - Hindi 
 By Kanu Ratan Butani,