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Nostalgic Sindhi Tunes 
First Sindhi Instrumental CD to mesmerise and take you back in old days. These tracks remind you of amazing old Singers and Melodous Music. Kanu Butani takes you for retro ride with his mesmerizing performance on PIANO. 
Singer(s): Kanu Butani 
Format: ACD 
Release: 2011 

(All the 10 tracks are available for Playing and Downloading)


Rs. 50

Kanu Butani

'Muhinje Beri Athai V' Lyrics

Track #4
Muhinje Beri Athai Vicha Sira Tey


IDSong TitleOperations
1 Ahe Sajan Muhinjo Ahe 
 By Kanu Butani,
2 Ahin Meherbaan Sain 
 By Kanu Butani,
3 Bedia Wara Ada Re Muhana 
 By Kanu Butani,
4 Muhinje Beri Athai Vicha Sira Tey 
 By Kanu Butani,
5 Sab Kan Tuhinji Sarha 
 By Kanu Butani,
6 Sain Mehra Vasain 
 By Kanu Butani,
7 Nangda Nimani Da 
 By Kanu Butani,
8 Palav on Synth String2 Instrument 
 By Kanu Butani,
9 Ahe Sajan Muhinjo Ahe (Vocal) 
 By Kanu Butani,
10 Sab Kan Tuhinji Saraha (Vocal) 
 By Kanu Butani,