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Om Sai Ram,
Pushpanjali by Indru Atma
Dedicated to Devotional Sindhi Singers 
Singer(s): Indru Atma 
Format: ACD 
Release: 2014 

(All the 12 tracks are available for Listening)


A Preety Productions Presentation

'Ahen Meherban Sai, M' Lyrics

Lyrics for 'Ahen Meherban Sai, Milyo Dass Ahe' Not found

Track #5
Ahen Meherban Sai, Milyo Dass Ahe


IDSong TitleOperations
1 Ganesh Shalok 
 By Indru Atma,
2 Bah Jhale Mukhe Taarenda 
 By Indru Atma,
3 Na Ma Rahandus Na Tu Rahande 
 By Indru Atma,
4 Muu ta Pirin Kaya Pahanja 
 By Indru Atma,
5 Ahen Meherban Sai, Milyo Dass Ahe 
 By Indru Atma,
6 Baajh Kajya (Mata Jo Orano) 
 By Indru Atma,
7 Pere Pavandi Saan 
 By Indru Atma,
8 Nale Alakh Je 
 By Indru Atma,
9 Suhina Pahinje Akhiyun 
 By Indru Atma,
10 Oh Amar Udera Lal Sai 
 By Indru Atma,
11 Koi Palao tho Paaye 
 By Indru Atma,
12 Palao (Jhulelal Jo) 
 By Indru Atma,


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