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Sindhdi Muhinji Ammad 
"For some, music is the soul of life..for some it is life itself". It did not take long for Kaajal to realise that she was destined to belong to the latter category. Kaajal grew up admist the soothing strains of melody, basking in the glow of the admiration that her grandfather Late Prof. Ram Panjwani enjoyd. A doyen of Sindhi music & culture, he seemed to have passed on the legacy of his talent to his grand-daughter Kaajal. Learning classical music is her modus operandi of sorts to kep scaling new heights & reach the ultimate 'note' of total fulfilment & satisfaction. 
Singer(s): Kaajal Chandiramani 
Format: ACD 
Release: 2001 

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$5 outside India

Kaajal Chandiramani

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'Mor Pyo Nacche' Lyrics

Lyrics for 'Mor Pyo Nacche' Not found

Track #8
Mor Pyo Nacche


IDSong TitleOperations
1 Bedi Paar Utaar 
 By Kaajal Chandiramani,
2 Sindhdi Muhinji Ammad 
 By Kaajal Chandiramani,
3 Mohabhat Mein 
 By Kaajal Chandiramani,
4 Mun Ta Pehenjo Baar 
 By Kaajal Chandiramani,
5 Kiyaan Rijhaayan 
 By Kaajal Chandiramani,
6 Jhirmir Ditho Tuhinjo Pyar 
 By Kaajal Chandiramani,
7 Mun Mein Aib Apaar 
 By Kaajal Chandiramani,
8 Mor Pyo Nacche 
 By Kaajal Chandiramani,
9 Naale Alakha Je 
 By Kaajal Chandiramani,