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Unan Sa Dil Lagi 
12 mesmerising folk and romantic songs. Collection of old and new Sindhi songs by Harshaa Talreja. This album has mix of modern sound and folk instrument music. In the memory of Dr. Prem Nariandas Talreja. Unan Sa Dil Lagi. All songs designed, arranged and mixed by Jagdish Lalwani 
Singer(s): Harshaa Talreja 
Format: ACD 
Release: 2014 

(Few Promotional Tracks available)


Rs. 100 set of two CDs

Harshaa Talreja

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Swami sangeet sansaar 0251-2565266 (Ulhasnagar)
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'Unhan Saan Dil Lagi ' Lyrics

Lyrics for 'Unhan Saan Dil Lagi Ahe' Not found

Track #1
Unhan Saan Dil Lagi Ahe


IDSong TitleOperations
1 Unhan Saan Dil Lagi Ahe 
 By Harshaa Talreja,
2 Aau Kanga Kar Galih 
 By Harshaa Talreja,
3 Khush Tho 
 By Harshaa Talreja,
4 Thakur Muhinja - Bhog 
 By Harshaa Talreja,
5 Tuhinjoon Galhiyoon 
 By Harshaa Talreja,
6 Sindhi Lawaris Lado 
 By Harshaa Talreja,
7 Sai Vasan Shah 
 By Harshaa Talreja,
8 Aayi Chaman mein Bahar 
 By Harshaa Talreja,
9 Sindhi Aashiqui2 
 By Harshaa Talreja,
10 Dilbar Tosa 
 By Harshaa Talreja,
11 Medley of Jhulelal 
 By Harshaa Talreja,
12 Palav 
 By Harshaa Talreja,


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